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About the SPCA
Where can I find more information about the SPCA's objectives, services and organisational matters?
Our Services - Adoption
Why are there no toy breeds for adoption?
Can the SPCA contact me if a particular breed I like becomes available?
Why should I adopt a pet rather than buy?
How do you select animals for adoption?
What types of animals are up for adoption?
How much does it cost to adopt an animal from SPCA?
What are the types of dogs allowed in a HDB flat?
How many animals get adopted at the SPCA each month?
I'm interested to adopt a pet from the SPCA. What do I need to do?
What is and why should I microchip my pet?
Why must I pay for the adoption?
Our Services - Inspectorate
I've witnessed/know of an animal cruelty. What should I do?
What does the SPCA do when you receive a cruelty complaint?
How many cases of animal cruelty do you receive monthly?
What are some of the most common types of animal cruelty that SPCA has to deal with?
Is animal abuse/abandonment against the law?
Are the abused animals mainly pets or community animals?
Our Services - Animal Rescue
What can you do to help if you hit an animal whilst driving?
What do you do when you find an animal that needs help?
Can I call SPCA to help me remove the community animal in my neighbourhood?
How can I inform you of a rescue - phone, email or Facebook?
Is the emergency service available 24 hours a day?
Is the emergency service free?
What do you do with the rescued animals?
Our Services - Animal Shelter
Why does the SPCA put so many animals to sleep? Is it not the SPCA's duty to care for all the animals?
Why aren’t the public allowed to see the animals in the quarantine area?
What is the procedure to surrender an animal? Is there a fee involved?
What are some reasons why people give up their pets?
I can no longer keep my pet. Can I bring it to the SPCA?
My pet is old and is unable to function well, can I send it to SPCA and get it euthanised?
Our Services - Lost & Found
What should I do if my pet goes missing?
What Is And Why Should I Microchip My Pet?
Our Services - Community Animals & Clinic
How do I qualify for SPCA's sterilisation programme? (For community animals only)
Does the SPCA clinic sterilise community animals for free?
I want to help the community animals. What can I do?
I'm not comfortable with the presence of community animals. What can I do?
What should I do if I encounter a sick, injured or distressed animal?
Help! The stray animals are causing a nuisance. Can you please do something about it?
Our Services - Education
What are the available education programmes?
Is the education programme free?
I need to fulfil my CIP/Service Learning/NYAA hours. Can I approach the SPCA?
Our Services - Advocacy
What is it that you do in this aspect?
Responsible Pet Ownership
What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner?
What exactly is sterilisation?
Why should I sterilise my pet?
What is a microchip?
Why aren't a collar and tag sufficient?
What are the advantages of having a microchip for my pet?
Why I should not breed my cats or dogs?
What do I do when my pet dies?
What is the minimum age to volunteer?
I am an SPCA volunteer, can my underaged child volunteer with me?
I am an SPCA volunteer, can my friends who have not registered volunteer with me?
Where can I find the application form and more details on volunteering roles?
Do you accept in-kind donations?
So how does my donation help the SPCA?