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Canine Education @ SPCA Singapore

~ exclusively designed by to enrich the lives of shelter dogs ~


Shelter dogs come from many backgrounds, most of which we don’t even know. Many are fearful of new situations, while others become unruly when they become overwhelmed by the many distractions in our world. But in each shelter dog, there is something positive or likeable in its behaviour that we can always reward and nurture. The question is time – time to build mutual trust, time to learn together.


Canine Education @ SPCA Singapore is a series of behaviour enrichment programmes for shelter dogs designed by Dr. Kang Nee of in partnership with SPCA Singapore. Through it, we hope to make the lives of the dogs at SPCA a little better each day. Dr. Kang is a certified professional dog trainer, scientist and animal behaviourist. As a holder of the distinguished CPDT-KA certification from The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Dr. Kang has the rare combination of a deep insight into animal behaviour and years of dog training experience. Armed with a sound understanding of how dogs learn and communicate, and using effective dog-friendly methods, Dr. Kang has been helping owners and their dogs in Singapore and abroad for years. Even while she’s busy training dogs, she also writes articles on behaviour modification and obedience training for magazines both local and abroad. “Cheerful Dogs, Happy People”, it’s what Dr. Kang wants to help all dogs and owners become. Learn more about dog care here, and read more about Dr. Kang’s qualifications and her training programmes here.

“Walk Nicely” Programme

Each day, dedicated volunteers brave the rain and sun to walk the shelter dogs. Passion drives these SPCA dog-walkers and with each step, they try to instill loose leash walking manners in their canine charges.

“Train-to-Calm Dog Mentorship” Programme

This is a bold, new step to provide another aspect of enriching the lives of the shelter dogs. Staff and volunteers mentor individual dogs and work with them as if they were their own dogs. Through a series of foundation exercises, designed to instill confidence and calmness, we do as much as we can to help our canine mentees become more adoptable. Whether a dog is a long-term inhabitant, a mouthy puppy, a reactive rover or a shy dog, our committed Dog Mentors have made the difference. Watch our Dog Mentors and their Mentees in action!

“Dog Training & Behaviour Modification Programmes”

In cases where an adopted dog requires a more personal approach, as SPCA’s preferred training partner, Dr. Kang Nee of offers training programmes specifically tailored to the dog’s needs.

“Training Secrets – A Public Education Programme”

Public education is high on both SPCA’s and’s priority list, and we work together to bring you credible, effective, force-free and dog-friendly training tips and how-to video guides. As partners, we share the same vision and passion in caring for animals.

Dr. Kang contributes training secrets and articles regularly on Facebook and the SPCA Bulletin and conducts workshops. Here are links to “training secrets” that have been shared.

"Adopter-Adoptee Matching" Programme
Finding your family dog is never easy, but we try to help you look for the best match. Under this initiative, all shelter dogs are profiled for likely training, medical and other needs. Look out for the colour card in front of each kennel to find out more about our dogs. To find out what these colour cards mean, click here.

These are just some of the ways in which and SPCA kick-started Canine Education @ SPCA Singapore – there will be more to come, and you’ll hear about it here!