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Surrendering an Animal

In addition to the injured, abused and sick community animals the SPCA rescues, we also take in up to 200 unwanted or abandoned pets each month (including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs). The main reason cited by owners who give up their pets: "No time to look after them". Many of these animals are, sadly, victims of impulse buying. Others are the result of over-breeding and as many as 20 cats/rabbits or 70 hamsters have been abandoned by individual owners. Other abandoned pets come to us with chronic ailments or behavioural issues which their owners had neglected. 

How you can help us save lives: 

  • Foster the animal at home or place it in a boarding kennel while you look for a suitable home for it.
  • Ask friends and relatives if they can help to foster or adopt the animal.
  • Put up adoption ads in the newspaper's Classifieds sections and for free on bulletin boards found in supermarkets and vet clinics.
  • Go here and fill in our Rehoming Notice form.
  • Put up adoption notices for free on social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and online pet forums (e.g. Pets Channel, LostPaws). For a list of animal welfare organisations and websites, please click here.

The decision to give up or surrender a pet to the SPCA should be discussed with the whole family. Please note that if we have available space and can accept the animal that you wish to surrender, the animal will be humanely euthanased if it does not meet our adoption criteria. If this is not acceptable to you, we strongly advise that you keep the animal and try the options above.

Euthanasia Policy

The SPCA is working for a world in which animals are respected and pets are responsibly taken care of. Currently, we see an average of 200 animals brought in every month. Most of these animals are abandoned or surrendered by their previous owners. Due to the large number of animals we receive each month, it is necessary to have adoption criteria in place to ensure that the animals we choose to keep have a higher chance of getting adopted. The last thing we want is to keep an animal in our shelter regardless of adoptability, but run out of space for other animals that come through our doors. With great reluctance, we accept that in certain circumstances, euthanasia may be necessary when the animal is not re-homeable.

Animals are evaluated based on health and temperament. Euthanasia is necessary when an animal is suffering due to an incurable illness or injury, or when an animal presents a significant risk to human health and safety or the safety of other animals (through disease or aggressive behaviour). We do not condone the mass destruction of dogs and cats as a population control measure. Successful control of dog and cat populations requires a co-ordinated strategy agreed by all stakeholders.

We are always coming up with new initiatives that help more animals without compromising the animals’ welfare. Help us help more animals by finding out more about these initiatives.

  1. Foster Programme
  2. Re-homing Notice Board 

We advise owners to seek other alternatives before deciding to surrender their pets. If you are no longer able to keep your pet, please exhaust all alternatives before surrendering your animal at our shelter. Seek friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances in social clubs and organisations to adopt your pet. Every animal re-homed by an owner or member of the public without having to come through our doors means an additional space in our shelter for another animal.

Keeping our pet for life is a commitment we make from the day we decide to bring an animal home. Please do your part as a responsible pet owner. Help us save your pet’s life.