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Past Rescue Cases
Cat with head stuck in a container (2017)

On 11 December at about 10 pm, we received a call on our 24-hour hotline 6287 5355 ext 9, alerting us to a cat with its head stuck in a plastic container. The cat was in distress and ran away when we attempted to approach it.

As this rescue mission required more resources, we activated two Animal Rescue Officers and brought along additional rescue equipment. In the meantime, the caller kept an eye out for the cat while our Animal Rescue Officers made their way over to Eunos Road.

The local ginger male cat was, after much patience, eventually caught with a net. He was then brought back to the SPCA and examined by our vet. His right front paw was found to have sustained a superficial wound, most likely from trying to remove the container. Otherwise, the cat was fine. We took the opportunity to sterilise and microchip the cat and after observation, he will be released back to the community.

Kitten trapped in a mouse trap (2017)

On 22 August 2017, the SPCA received a call from a member of the public, informing us of a kitten that was trapped in a mouse trap at Woodlands Terrace.

Our Animal Rescue Officer attended to the call and saw that part of the mouse trap was embedded in the kitten’s mouth and neck area. The two month young male kitten had a piece of the mouse trap lodged in his mouth, going through the palate and puncturing it.

The Animal Rescue Officer immediately brought the kitten to a veterinarian, who thankfully managed to remove the piece that was lodged in the kitten’s mouth.

The kitten, under SPCA’s care, is currently undergoing treatment for its injuries and is eating well. The brave little one will be put up for adoption when he has fully recovered.

Cat caught in window (2017)

On 13 July 2017, we received a call for assistance when a resident at Jurong West Street 93 reported about a cat that had wandered into his home on the fourth storey.

In a haste to escape, the cat got caught between the sliding window and the grilles. As the cat was unable to move, the resident called our 24-hour hotline 62875355 ext 9.

Our Animal Rescue Officer attended to the case and freed the cat where it was brought back to SPCA. The cat wears a yellow collar with a bell and we hope to trace its owner and reunite them.

Dog on a ledge (2017)

On 3 July 2017, we received a call alerting us to a dog on a ledge, on the third floor of an HDB flat. Our Animal Rescue Officers immediately went down to the scene. As access to the dog was only possible via the unit, and the owners were not in, we sought assistance from the HDB, AVA and the police, to contact the owner of the unit.

While waiting for the owners to return, our Animal Rescue Officers found some discarded mattresses and placed them beneath the ledge. In addition, a canvas was also set up, as a secondary precaution.

A member of the public managed to get the word out to the dog's owner, who quickly rushed back home. Our Animal Rescue Officers were then able to bring the animal to safety. The dog was thankfully unhurt. The owner was advised to ensure that the windows in the home were secured and that furniture was not placed next to the windows.

Dog's wound infested with maggots (2017)

A group of army personnel called SPCA in early March, notifying us of a puppy with a huge wound on her back. Our Animal Rescue Officer attended to the call for assistance and picked up Maia, who was then attended to by our consultant vet.

Throughout the examination, Maia was very calm and collected, despite having to endure the discomfort and pain of having maggots in the huge wound on her back.

This brave girl’s journey of recovery has been amazing. She was initially at the brink of death but with her sheer determination to survive the odds, the gaping wound on her back is now a small dot.

With just close to three weeks of TLC from our staff, Maia is ready to proceed onto her next journey in life – that of finding a forever home.

You may view the video of Maia here.

Cat's head stuck in hole (2017)

On 5 March 2017, we received a call informing us of a distressed cat at Pasir Ris Street 72. The cat had his head stuck in a hole, near a riser, on the sixth storey.

Our Animal Rescue Officers attended to the call and found a male Ragdoll cross in quite the predicament. They immediately got down to rescuing the cat, by securing him first before applying some shampoo on his neck, eventually freeing him from the awkward position.

A badly injured cat rescued (2017)

On 18 February we received a call from a concerned member of the public, informing us of a badly injured cat at Henderson Road. Our Animal Rescue Officer attended to the call and found a local grey tabby cat with its intestines dangling out. The cat was rushed to a clinic for emergency surgery, and she is currently recovering at our shelter and doing well.

Once Willow fully recovers, she will be put up for adoption. She is a very affectionate cat, showing love to our staff while badly injured and in pain.

You may view the video of Willow here.

Kittens rescued from drain (2017)

On 13 February our Animal Rescue Officer attended to a call for help at Choa Chu Kang involving a case of two kittens that were sighted in a drain.

The pair were scared but hungry and responded to our Animal Rescue Officer as he lured them out with kitten food. They were brought back to SPCA where our consultant vet checked them. The kittens are estimated to be around a month old. Both kittens are currently under foster care until they are strong and ready for adoption.

Dog caught in suspected illegal wild boar trap (2017)

On 26 January we rescued a community dog that had his leg caught in a suspected wild boar trap. Luckily, we managed to get to the dog in time, thanks to the good hearted people who alerted us to the dog’s plight and our dedicated Animal Rescue Officers who made multiple attempts before finally catching the elusive dog.

While slightly wary of people, the dog has been slowly warming up to the staff who have been caring for him and tending to his wound. We are glad he is recovering well and that, in this case, he will probably not be losing his leg.

Cat rescued from roof (2016)

In November, we received multiple reports about a black cat stuck on the roof of a building in Pagoda Street. Our Animal Rescue Officer visited the site multiple times to find a way to get to the cat. Due to the height and difficulty in accessing the roof, this was a very challenging case.

Thankfully, the lucky feline had no shortage of kind-hearted people offering to help. One of the residents on the third floor allowed us to break their window panel so that a trap could be laid. On 17 November, the cat was rescued and brought to the SPCA. The cat is currently under observation at SPCA.

Dog rescued from ledge (2016)

On 9 October a concerned member of the public alerted us to a case of a dog on a ledge, on the third floor of a HDB block. The dog appeared to have pushed aside the temporary barricade that the owner had placed on her service yard and could not get back in thereafter.

Our Animal Rescue Officer rushed to the scene to rescue the dog but she had fallen off the ledge before his arrival. The injured dog was tended to by our consultant vet and the owner came by SPCA to collect her dog, after reading the note which was left at the unit as there was no one home at the time of the accident.

We urge all pet owners to pet proof their homes, by installing appropriate grilles or wire-meshing on the windows and doors, to prevent pets from falling/slipping out. Dogs do get spooked, for example by the sudden sound of thunder, and may leap out the window, unknowingly.

The dog is currently under the care of the owner's private vet and we wish the dog a speedy recovery.

Cat rescued from ledge (2016)

On 3 October 2016, we received a call from a concerned member of the public, notifying us of a kitten that was on a ledge of a unit opposite his block at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.

When our Animal Rescue Officer arrived at the block, there were already two officers from Ang Mo Kio North neighbourhood police centre there. Our Animal Rescue Officer proceeded to the unit on the 12th storey, while the police officers remained on the ground floor, with an opened blanket, to assist with the rescue mission. Our Animal Rescue Officer swiftly brought the kitten to safety. The kitten was then reunited with the owner.

The owner was advised by our Animal Rescue Officer, to mesh up the windows and gate, to prevent the kitten from slipping out of the unit and/or falling out of the windows. Cats are curious animals and they risk falling out of an open window by simple acts such as chasing a bird that was flying past.

You may view the video of our rescue mission here.

Dog's head stuck in container (2016)

On 3 September 2016  at about 4 am, we received a call on our 24 hour hotline by a concerned member of the public, informing us that she had spotted a dog with her head stuck in a container. The dog had her head stuck for around two days, but was unable to be caught.

Our Animal Rescue Officer attended the scene and with the assistance of the caller as well as a security guard (they kept watch over the dog until we arrived at the scene), the dog was contained in a crate and was able to receive assistance in getting the container removed from her head. Oil needed to be applied around the neck area to loosen the hold of the container. Food and water were offered to the dog but she was not interested. The dog was relieved to have her head out of the container and after a brief rest, she ran off into the bushes.

Cat rescued from tree (2016)

On 22 August 2016, we were alerted to a cat that had been on a tree overnight at Ho Ching Road. Seeing that the cat had difficulty getting down from the tree, our Animal Rescue Officer assisted the cat and got her safely to the ground. Our Animal Rescue Officer also checked on the cat after the rescue mission and fed her before releasing her back to her environment. 

Dog rescued from drain (2016)

In 29 February, we attended to a call informing us of a dog who had fallen into a one metre deep drain at Block 25, Sin Ming Road. Our Animal Rescue Officer climbed into the drain and carried the dog out, with the help from a passerby. The dog, which was microchipped, was brought back to SPCA, checked and then reunited with its owner.

Cat rescued from shop house ledge (2016)

On 10 February 2016, Ms Tan alerted us of a cat that had been on a Horne Road shop house's ledge for the past three nights. Our Animal Rescue Officer attended to the call and used a long catch pole noose together with a net, to bring the cat down to safety. The cat was checked and found to be unharmed. It was then released at the site as it was an ear-tipped community cat.

Cat on the edge (2016)

On  31 January, we were alerted to a  cat that was perched precariously on a ledge, on the 11th floor of a HDB block in Woodlands Street 32. The feline was rescued by our Animal Rescue Officer who used a long catch pole to secure the cat. The cat was then brought to SPCA for  a vet consultation.

Cat rescued from ceiling (2015)

On 4 December, our Animal Rescue Officer responded to a call about a cat that was stuck and unable to get down from a high false ceiling, in the vicinity of Toa Payoh Hub. Our Animal Rescue Officer used a ladder and catch pole to rescue the community cat, while the caller helped him by stabilizing the ladder. A passerby also provided some cat food to lure the cat towards the catch pole. It took about ten minutes to rescue the frazzled feline. A check showed it was unharmed and the cat was released back into its environment.

Cat rescued from third storey ledge (2015)

On 27 November 2015, a cat was found stranded on a window ledge of a third storey flat in Anchorvale. Our Animal Rescue Officer found the cat behind the air conditioner compressor unit. Utilising a long catch pole to secure the cat, it was brought into the unit quickly and was confined in a carrier. The cat was then brought back to SPCA, for vet consultation. 


Dog trapped between fence (2015)

On 21 November, we received a call for assistance, for a dog trapped in between the home perimeter fence along Chu Lin Road. Our Animal Rescue Officers applied lubricant to the dog’s body and skilfully eased the dog from being stuck in that position. The rescue mission was accomplished in 20 minutes. The dog will be housed at the SPCA until he is reunited with his owner.

Cat stuck in car's undercarriage (2015)

On 9 November, a cat was seen attempting to dash across a road at Singapore Polytechnic. While trying to help the cat to cross the road, the on-looker, who gave us the call, accidentally frightened the cat into bolting beneath a car’s undercarriage. This escape attempt resulted in the cat, lodging its head through a gap in the car while its body hung loosely outside the undercarriage.

Our Animal Rescue Officer managed to free the poor cat by applying lubricant around its neck area and slowly maneuvering the cat out from its predicament. The cat was then brought back to SPCA with no injuries and will soon be put up for adoption at our shelter.

Kittens found in garden pipe (2015)

On 14 September, a pair of kittens were found lodged in a plastic pipe at a residential garden near Braddell. Our Animal Rescue Officer, gently maneuvered both the kittens out of the pipe with the use of a catchpole and into a carrier. Both were found unharmed and were subsequently then taken to SPCA's shelter to be put up for adoption.

Community cat in tree (2015)

On 19 August, SPCA went to the rescue of a cat stuck in a tree at Serangoon Central. Our Animal Rescue Officer, used a catchpole to lift the cat from the branches that it was wedged between, and brought it safely to the ground. Although the cat appeared flustered, it was unharmed and the ginger community cat was then released back onto the ground safe and sound.

Kitten in engine compartment (2015)

On 14 August, SPCA went to the rescue of a community kitten heard mewing in distress within a car’s engine compartment at Joo Chiat Place. Our Animal Rescue Officer, used an audio clip of a mother cat calling her kitten to lure the kitten towards him. The kitten then fidgeted before coming into view and he was quickly lifted out of the compartment. The black and white kitten was found unharmed and was taken to SPCA’s shelter for veterinary care and observation before being put up for adoption. 

Kitten in drainage pipe (2015)

On 2 July, we rushed to the aid of a kitten within a drainage pipe at Keppel Club Driving Range.

Our Animal Rescue Officer, attempted to lure the kitten out of the pipe by placing an opened can of cat food at the upper opening, but to no avail. A gentle gush of water from hose was then used to gently and slowly nudge the kitten out the other end. After about ten minutes, the kitten to slid out of the pipe into the drain area below where our Animal Rescue Officer was waiting to catch hold of her using a catch-pole. The kitten was found unharmed although a little shaken. It was then handed over to one of the school's staff who was interested in adopting it.

Cat on a roof (2015)

On 12 June, a community cat was seen perched on the roof beam of a covered walkway at Yishun Ave 4. Our Animal Rescue Officer used a ladder to reach the cat, and managed to haul the cat into a carrier using a catchpole. The tabby cat was found unphased and unharmed and was released safely on the ground floor shortly afterwards.

Cat on a ledge (2015)

On 28 May, we went to the rescue of a community cat seen perched on the 3rd floor ledge of a residential block at Yunnan Crescent. Our Animal Rescue Officers, YaoHuang and Eswaran, helped haul the cat from the ledge inwards and into a carrier using a catchpole. The cat was found to be alright and unharmed and was released safely on the ground floor shortly before getting reunited with its companion community cat in the premises.

Mynah in a kite string (2015)

On 28 May, a mynah was reported in distress at the MOE Dairy Farm Adventure Centre at Dairy Farm Road. Our Animal Rescue Officer arrived at the scene to find the mynah entangled in a kite string and suspended upside down. With the use of a ladder to reach the bird, we cut away the string which was restricting the bird from its freedom. It then immediately took to the skies again thereafter.

Cat nudged between window and frame (2015)

On 27 April, we were alerted to a cat in distress, found firmly wedged between the window panes of a first floor flat unit at Tampines Street 43.

Our Animal Rescue Officer gently nudged the cat slowly down a pane, then used a catchpole to release the cat safely onto the ground. The cat seemed disoriented although unharmed and was brought back to our shelter for further veterinary observation.

Cat in pipe catastrophe (2015)

On the evening of 10 February,  a cat was found caught between the pipes and wall of an apartment block in Bedok for some time.

Our Animal Rescue Officers freed the cat from its predicament by carefully manoeuvring its head and front limbs followed by its posterior out of the narrow spaces. As the cat was an accommodating cat, we were able to free it easily.  Although a little shaken, it was unharmed.

Dog trapped in rails (2015)

On 3 January, SPCA rescued a community dog from between the metal rails of a fence, at Old Choa Chu Kang Road. A brown cross breed was observed to have been stuck in this tight spot for some time. Possibly due to having attempted to jump through the fence. It was gently nudged rearwards, so that its shoulder blades could be slowly manoeuvred out of the bars one after the other. The dog was calm during this process, so he was successfully and easily pried free. Although he was a little shaken, he was physically unharmed and safe.



Cat trapped between grilled slats (2014)

On 10 December 2014, a community cat was rescued after being trapped between the grilled slats of a side gate in Geylang. The cat was observed to have been stuck in its tight spot for some time. Our Animal Rescue Officers applied cat shampoo onto the cat to help loosen the grip of the animal's body around the bars. It was then gently pulled free. Although, a little shaken from its ordeal, it was physically unharmed and released back to the community.

Cat on a beam (2014)

On 16 November 2014, SPCA was alerted to a cat seen perched atop a beam near the ceiling of IMM’s Shuttle Bus Pick-up Point in Jurong. The cat had been seen at that spot for over five days, according to our informer.

Our Animal Rescue Officer, with help from the IMM security officers, took over an hour to lead the cat from the beam to the nearest adjoining tree’s branches. The cat then led onto the grass patch where it was finally safe and sound.

Cat wedged between pane and frame (2014)

On 14 October 2014, we received a distress call about a cat trapped between the window panes and frame of a second floor flat unit along Merpati Road. The tabby was found firmly wedged between the flat's window frames. Our Animal Rescue Officer, Daniel gently nudged the cat slowly down a pane. A catchpole’s noose was then gingerly looped over the cat and heaved into a carrier for its safety. Although it appear flustered, it was unharmed.


Cat on a ledge (2014)
On 7 October 2014, a cat owner alerted us to her cat being perched on the ledge of her fourth storey apartment block in Bedok Reservoir. Our Animal Rescue Officers helped to haul the cat from the ledge inwards and into a carrier with the use of a catchpole. It was handed back to her owner after she was found to be alright and unharmed.
Cat in mouse trap (2014)

On 4 October 2014, we were alerted to a distressed cat caught in a mouse trap. Our Animal Rescue Officers, Eugene and Venga, arrived shortly after the call and immediately set the cat free. The community cat sprang forth almost instantly after the trap was opened. 

Kitten in a covered drain (2014)

On 29 September 2014, a kitten was found trapped in a covered drain after its distressful cries were heard coming from within. Our Animal Rescue Officer, removed the drain’s cover, then lured the kitten towards the opening by vigorously shaking a jar of kibbles just above the opening. The kitten cautiously approached the entry-way slowly but surely. The kitten was found to be unharmed although a little shaken. It was then taken to our shelter where it would be cared for and hopefully ready for adoption.

Cat on a ledge (2014)

On 28 September 2014, we were alerted to a cat seen perched on the 11th floor ledge of a residential block in Toa Payoh North. Our Animal Rescue Officers arrived to find the local white and black cat, nestled on that ledge reportedly for some time already. A catchpole was used and strategically positioned beneath the cat’s front limbs and looped around the middle. The cat was then swiftly hauled from the ledge inwards and then into a carrier. The cat had been identified by our informer to be his fellow resident’s pet cat (which has somehow escaped from its home just one floor below). It was found to be alright and unharmed, and handed back safely to its owner.

Cat stuck in a tree (2014)

On 23 September 2014, we were alerted to a cat seen perched on the high branches of a tree in Ang Mo Kio. Our Animal Rescue Officers used a catchpole as well as a long ladder to rescue the cat. After several maneuvers, they succeeded in hauling the cat to safety. The cat was then gently lowered onto the ground, where it dashed off happily to freedom. As it did not sport a collar, it was assumed to be a community cat.


Cat rescued from a ledge (2014)

On the evening of 18 September 2014, a cat was seen perched on the 12th floor ledge of a residential block in Ang Mo Kio. Our Animal Rescue Officer found the local grey-black feline, nestled on a narrow ledge reportedly for some time already and precautions were taken not to alarm it into leaping off the edge. The cat was pulled away from the ledge with a catchpole and then swiftly hauled inwards and onto the floor. Although slightly alarmed, the cat was unharmed, and released from the carrier once taken to the ground floor as it did not have a collar on and presumed to be a community cat.

Cat stuck on high branches (2014)

On 17 September 2014, a tabby was seen perched on the branches of a tree in Hougang. The cat was in distress. Our Animal Rescue Officers, upon arriving at the scene, succeeded in hauling the cat to safety after it came within grasp of the catchpole. It was then lowered safely to the ground. Once the catchpole's noose had been loosened, the cat sped off. The cat did not sport a collar, but from our informers’ observations, it had to be a community cat.

Cat in a tree (2014)

On the evening of 5 September 2014, we were alerted to a black and white tabby seen perched on the branches of a tall tree in Woodlands. Our Animal Rescue Officers upon arrival and with the help of our informers, managed to scale the tree using a laddder to where the cat was stranded. Our Animal Rescue Officers succeeded in reaching the cat within 45 minutes and successfully hauled the cat out of the branches with a catchpole. When the team had finally reached the ground, the cat leapt out of our animal rescue officer's hands and dashed off into the darkness. As the cat did not have a collar, we believe that it was a community cat.

Kittens in a drain (2014)

On 26 August at noon, two young kittens were rescued from a road divider's drain on the AYE. They were seen roaming in a drain on the grass-covered plot of a road divider. However, as the kittens were unlikely to make their own way out of the drain on their own due to their size and age, our Animal Rescue Officers came to their aid. Both kittens, though physically unharmed, appeared shaken and were taken to our shelter for further examination by our vets.

Cat under train tracks (2014)

On 19 August 2014,  a cat was found underneath a train’s railway tracks at Fernvale LRT Station. Our Animal Rescue Officers, with the help of the station’s staff, managed to remove the distressed cat from the tracks and into a carrier using a catchpole. The cat although shaken was physically unharmed and was taken to our shelter to be treated for dehydration and malnourishment.


Cat on a glue trap (2014)

On 6 August 2014, a distressed kitten was rescued from a glue board trap in Gul Circle, Jurong Industrial Estate. Cooking oil was used to loosen the kitten’s fur from the harsh grasp of the glue and was rushed back to our shelter to undergo another round of glue removal from its body. Although slightly dishevelled, the kitten was unharmed. After more observation, this kitten will be put up for adoption, so make sure to look out for the little fellow here.

To find out more about the dangers of glue traps to animals, please find out more here

Pigeon trapped under train tracks (2014)

On 3 August 2014, a pigeon was spotted trapped under the MRT’s above-ground train tracks where the bird’s wings were caught within the narrow opening that divided the tracks underside. Our rescuers used an extension pole to nudge the hapless bird along the track’s narrow opening. It had to be gently prodded along the track’s underside to lead it towards the larger gap about a metre away. A rescue net was also strategically positioned at the start of the gap where the bird was targeted to be set loose from. The rescue officers managed to retrieve the bird from its dilemma and although it seemed shaken, it was otherwise, unharmed. It was then taken to the Jurong Bird Park, where it would recuperate and eventually take to the skies again.

Cat caught between pane and frame (2014)

On 4 July 2014, we received a call about a cat trapped between the window pane and sill of a fifth floor household block along Marsiling Lane. The grey and tabby cat is suspected to be a community cat from that vicinity. Our rescue team used a catchpole to gingerly free the cat from plummeting to the ground. After strong resistance by the cat and much coaxing from the Animal Rescue Officers, it was finally heaved to safety and into a carrier. Apart from appearing slightly flustered, the cat was alright and unharmed. As it was without a microchip, and the caller and bystanders could not identify its owner, it was released on the ground floor.

Cat on a hot tin roof (2014)

Our Animal Support Officers received a call on 20 June 2014 about a cat that had been trapped behind a 3rd floor parapet all day. This incident took place at an HDB block in Choa Chu Kang North 6. Our rescue officers, along with a few Town Council officers, were quickly despatched to the find the trapped cat. The officers managed to lure, lift and haul the cat to safety. Apart from being slightly flustered, the cat was unharmed and as it had on a collar, it was promptly returned to its owner.

Cat in a corner (2014)

Our Animal Support department received a call, (18 June 2014), about a cat perched on the 11th floor ledge of a public housing block along Yishun Ring Road.

Our rescue team was quickly despatched to the scene, and found the tri-coloured cat trapped on that dangerously inclined ledge, reportedly for some time. It may not have budged from its spot, sensing the height and gradient.

Our officer immediately used a catchpole to help haul the cat into a carrier, lifting it out of its ordeal. Apart from having its nerves shaken, the cat was found to be alright and unharmed. The cat was then released back safely on the ground floor, after the caller has assured us that there are indeed community members there who do look into the regular care of their community cats.

Puppy in a canal (2014)

Our Animal Support Officers received a call on Vesak Day about a dog trapped in a canal at Tampines Industrial Ave 1. Our rescue team arrived at the scene to find a puppy stranded in the canal and looking distressed. The puppy was unfortunately stifled in her  attempts to leap out of her misery and in a rush against time, our Officers succeeded in hauling her above the high walls of the canal, applying the right combination of skills and strategy.The puppy was found to be alright and unharmed apart from being a little shaken. We thank our caller, Ms Candy Chan, who also gamely offered to retrieve it and put it up for adoption. The  2-month-old female, has since  been successfully adopted.

Cat on a ledge (2014)

Our Animal Support Officers received a call about a cat perched on the 6th floor ledge of a residential block in Bukit Batok. 

Our rescue team was quickly despatched to the scene, and found the local grey-black feline was reportedly, nestled on a narrow ledge.

Rescuing the cat from its precarious perch entailed our rescuers’ concerted strategies of luring it towards the window, relying on food, water bowls and, well, a great deal of patience. It merely kept retreating, and then the turning point came when our catchpole and safety net (along with our well-timed manoeuvre) promptly saved the cat.

We wish to remind all cat owners, especially those residing in high-rise blocks, to ensure their home is cat-proofed by installing restrictive mesh or grilles as an added measure. Cats do not have nine lives (as much as we wish they do)! Cat falls, from higher storeys, can be prevented, if only we could ensure they are safely kept in our homes. 

Cat in a canal (2014)

Our Animal Support Officers received a call on the morning of Vesak Day about a cat stuck in the canal linking City Plaza with Grandlink Square.

Our rescue team was immediately despatched to the scene to find a hapless cat trapped in the canals 4-inch-deep waters. The black feline had been trying to leap out of the canal for the past hour or so; to no avail. The high walls of the canal had been holding the cat from escaping from its ordeal.

Our Officer used a catchpole, along with the well-timed combination of skill and the kind assistance of a brave member of the public, Mr Tre ’ Cabanit Aristotle, to successfully lift the cat out of danger. As the cat is ear-tipped, sterilised, and was checked to be physically unfased, it was released back into the community. Apart from having its nerves rattled, the cat is found to be unharmed.We are thankful to Mr Tre’ Cabanit for his courage and help in the rescue operations. 

Pigeons in a sticky situation (2014)

Our Animal Support Officers received a call on the morning of Labour Day, about a pair of pigeons being seen to be stuck to the rooftop fencing of a block of flats at Circuit Road. 

Our Junior Inspectors arrived at the scene to find the 2 pigeons both entangled, in what seemed to be a kite string, and being hung upside down as a result. After cutting away the string restricting the pigeons from their freedom of flight, the pigeons were then brought back to SPCA for a vet check. After checking that they are physically free from injuries, it was there that they were released and took to the skies again!

Dog in the canal (2014)

Our Animal Support Officers received a call two weekends ago about a dog found inside a canal opposite Jurong Point Shopping Centre and our Junior Inspectors were immediately despatched. They arrived on the scene to find a brown-white cross breed puppy stranded in the wide canal, with the waters rising due to the heavy downpour earlier that day. The puppy scrambled to escape, but was unfortunately trapped due to the high walls of the canal. In a rush against time, our Junior Inspectors managed to get her out of the canal before she was washed away by the strong currents.

After the ordeal, she was brought back to our shelter and checked for injuries by our consultant vet. Apart from having her nerves shaken by the traumatic experience, the puppy was thankfully unscathed. She'll be up for adoption in our shelter soon, so keep a look out for her!

St John's Island cat with fish hook (2014)

One of the cats that we sterilized during our recent trap-neuter-return trips to St John's Island was found with a fish hook lodged in its mouth. Concerned, the caretakers on the island contacted us and we made arrangements for the cat to be transported back to Singapore for an operation. The nasty wound is taking a while to recover but our lovely cat is doing well. Its course of medication is almost done and we'll be releasing it back on St John's Island once it fully recovers.

To prevent future mishaps, we're coming up with public notices to be placed around the island, reminding visitors to St John's Island not to leave their fishing hooks behind as these hooks could endanger the lives of the animals on the island. The next time you visit St John's Island, keep a look out for dangerous trash and help the animals on the island by leaving nothing but footprints behind!

Plucky Princess (2014)

We found this lovely two-year-old limping around Choa Chu Kang with a bad maggot wound in her right hind leg. Her leg bone was exposed and the injury was extensive. We sent her for surgery and unfortunately, the vets had to remove her right hind leg as it was badly damaged. This strong girl recovered well. She's playful, active, adorable and simply lovely. Princess has since found her forever home.

Courageous Caellum (2014)

Earlier this year, we picked up a kitten that was sealed in a box from a construction site. Frightened, the little guy darted off with lightning speed once we opened the box in our shelter; he was so fast that we didn't even catch a glimpse of him and how he looked like. He left behind a front paw in the box, already severed when he was first found by a member of the public.

We kept a look out for him and finally found him in the storm drain outside our shelter the next afternoon. After much herding and coaxing, our Junior Inspectors (JIs) and staff finally managed to confine him. His left front leg bone was sticking out when we found him, and we immediately sent him for surgery.

The vet had to remove the kitten's entire left front leg due to the extensive injury. This brave boy has been recovering well in his foster home for the past month and has found a permanent home too!

While we may never know what exactly happened to him before he was found, this little kitten's will and strength to survive has truly inspired us.

Cat stuck in tall tree (2014)

Just a day before Chinese New Year, we received a call about a cat stuck in a tree. Our Junior Inspectors (JIs) arrived on the scene and made many attempts to rescue the hapless cat. Unfortunately, we did not have the necessary equipment. The cat was high up in an inverted cone-shaped tree with many branches in the way, preventing us from using our ladders safely. We sought assistance from the AVA, NParks & NEA. Eventually, NParks responded to our call for help. Initial rescue attempts failed as the cat was very alert and escaped higher up the tree. Despite several attempts to lure it down with food and water, the cat refused to cooperate and stayed beyond our reach.

Concerned, the finder continued monitoring the cat and liaised with us for another week as we tried to devise new ways to reach it. Fortunately for us, the cat got weaker and started resisting less. On the day of the rescue, we had help from the NParks officers and made use of the NParks lorry and attached crane. Subsequently, our JI was harnessed and lifted up to the cat.

After a one and a half hour rescue operation, we finally managed to bring the cat to safety. The kind finder then offered to bring it to the vet for a check up.

Thank you NParks for rendering assistance in this difficult rescue!

Kitten stuck on a glue board (2013)

We received an emergency call last week and our Junior Inspector arrived on the scene to find a kitten stuck on a glue board trap. He rushed the kitten back to our shelter and our Animal Care Officers immediately began the taxing task of freeing the kitten. A fair bit of manoeuvring and a lot of vegetable oil later, we managed to get the kitten off the glue board and successfully removed the excess glue on her body. Stunned but safe, the 3-week old baby lapped up her food and took a much needed rest after her ordeal. This baby girl is otherwise healthy and recovering well. 

Our Inspectors visited the school where this kitten was found and spoke to the operator of the school's café who had found the kitten trapped on the glue board in her café's store room. Unsure of what to do, the operator had dragged the entire board with the kitten out from the room and approached a group of students for help. The students immediately knew to inform us. We found 3 more glue board traps in the school café and advised the operator against using such traps. We also briefed the school's Operations Manager on the case. Fortunately, he shared our concerns and said he would inform the operator to stop using the traps. We have forwarded this case to the AVA and they will be issuing an official advisory to the school and canteen operator.

As with most glue board trap cases, an unintended target was caught. Fortunately for this kitten, we got there in time. The same can't be said for many other victims of these inhumane traps. We cannot stress enough the need to ban the use of such traps. Read for our stand and help us in our fight against glue board traps.

Cat stuck on ledge (2013)

Stuck on a ledge on the eighth storey of Block 357, Tampines Street 33, this white cat was fortunate enough to be spotted by a concerned member of the public. Our Animal Rescue Officer rushed to the scene and got the frightened feline out of danger, bringing it back with him to our shelter. Fortunately, kitty is safe and did not suffer any injuries.

Kitten trapped in canal (2013)

We received a call from the public early in the morning at about 8am. The caller had spotted an animal in distress, struggling to get out of its predicament. Our Animal Rescue Officers (AROs) arrived on the scene to find a tiny kitten stranded in the middle of a canal, wailing and pining for her mom. Our AROs discovered the kitten's mom hanging around the edge of the canal, unable to get to her baby.

After much effort, our AROs got the darling out of the canal, checked her for injuries, and reunited the anxious but unharmed kitten with her mom.

Dog Rescued From Manhole (2013)

We received a call about a dog in distress, and our Animal Rescue Officers arrived at the scene to the sight of the poor animal stuck in a manhole. They managed to rescue the cross-breed stray dog who fell into a 2-meter manhole along Tuas West Road. Thankfully, the animal was not injured and was subsequently released back where it came from. We also informed PUB about the open manhole and urged them to close it to prevent future accidents. Kudos to the caller who informed us!

Trapped Cat rescued from Tunnel (2013)

Our Animal Rescue Officers (AROs) rescued a cat that was stuck in a hole. The area was full of soil and leaves and the poor animal was caught in the tunnel. Our AROs had to forcefully dig an opening through the hardened soil and rescue the cat. The cat was in a healthy condition and no injuries were found.

Dog on a Hot Tin Roof (2013)

We received a distress call one Sunday in March. Rushing down to the scene, our Animal Rescue Officers managed to save a Golden Retriever who was stuck on the hot aluminum roof of a building along Lorong Geylang 8. The dog who suffered intense sun burn on his paws was placed in a rescue harness and brought back to safety.

Egret freed by tangled kite line (2013)

We received a call one Tuesday morning in February 2013 about a feathered friend in trouble. Our Animal Rescue Officers (AROs) rushed down and found an Egret stuck in a kite line along the TPE. Thankfully, our AROs managed to get to the bird and rescued it amidst peak hour traffic. We gave ACRES a call after transporting the bird to safety. Armed with their expertise on birds, ACRES assessed that our feathered friend was unharmed and it was released into its natural habitat. We hope our friend is now safe and out of harm's way!

Stuck Mynah freed from MRT Station Vent (2012)

This mynah was found with his head stuck in an awkward position. Our AROs rushed down to Sengkang MRT station one December morning during rush hour, and together, they managed to extricate the unfortunate bird. The bird was subsequently sent to the Jurong Bird Park for treatment and recuperation.

Ginger Cat rescued from HBD ledge (2012)

The ginger cat pictured was discovered on a ledge on the fourth floor of an HDB block in October. We were called in to help bring the kitty to safety and we did just that. The cat was later claimed by the person who had called us. While some think that cats are able to get out of such situations on their own (since they managed to get themselves up there in the first place), there exists a real danger as cats can fall from such heights by accident. This is why it is very important to mesh your windows and balconies if you own a cat and live above the ground floor. Contrary to what we’d like to think, cats don’t have nine lives!

X-Breed Dog rescued from Drain (2012)

Two passers-by were walking their dog, Wrinkles, one October morning. When they came to a large drain, Wrinkles sensed something amiss. The couple discovered a scared, dark brown cross-breed dog shivering in the drain, looking forlorn. They could not rescue the dog on their own, so they called the SPCA. Two of our Animal Rescue Officers (AROs) arrived on the scene and managed to get the dog out of the drain. The dog was later reunited with her grateful owner.

Cat rescued from HDB landing (2012)

This Singapura beauty pictured was discovered on a ledge on the second floor of an HDB block in Yishun in Augst 2012. How this feline got up there is anyone's guess but once up, it couldn't make its way down. The SPCA Rescue Team made their way down and brought the kitty to safety to the ground. The community cat was later released back into its environment. Thank you to the samaritan who called us when they saw the cat.

Kitten rescued from under electrical box (2012)

It is true that curiosity gets cats into trouble. In March 2012, this particular kitten got stuck inside the concrete partition below an electrical box at Beng Wan Road. The caller tried to rescue the kitten but to no avail and had to call the SPCA. Upon arrival, our Animal Rescue Officer removed the concrete partition and freed the little fella. He is now being fostered by one our staff until he's old enough to be put up for adoption.

Cat rescued from ledge (2012)

We received a call on 16 February 2012 to rescue this cat that had got itself into a rather precarious situation. Our Animal Rescue Officers went down and managed to get this little fella to safer, firmer ground where it trotted off happily.

Mynah rescued from glue trap (2012)

This mynah was found trapped on a glue board trap on the 23rd February 2012 . This poor birdy was covered in huge amounts of glue and was completely unable to fly. Following a vet's advice, we used cooking oil and flour to remove the glue. Nursed back to health and able to fly, the mynah was released.

Kitten rescued from tombstone (2011)

On the eve of Hari Raya in August 2011, the SPCA received a call regarding a kitten trapped in-between two tombstones at Lim Chu Kang cemetery. On arrival at the scene, the kitten was observed to be wedged in-between some concrete slabs. Our Rescue Officer hurriedly worked out a strategy to rescue the distressed animal. His first priority was to make sure that the animal was as comfortable as possible before carefully extracting it from its position. Members of the public who were nearby noticed the dilemma and offered to help. With the use of various lubricants, the kitten was eased out and brought back to the SPCA for a veterinary check. Xeno, as he is now known, has since been adopted.

Kitten stuck in cement (2011)

In August 2011, our Animal Rescue Officer responded to a call regarding a kitten stuck in a container of watery cement. We were unable to ascertain how it got into the dangerous situation but thankfully, a concerned member of the public informed us in time for us to conduct our rescue. Our Animal Rescue Officer managed to fish out the little one and the caregiver promptly brought the kitten to a vet to ensure a quick recovery.

Kitten stuck on ledge (2011)

In 2011, the SPCA rescue team responded to a call regarding a kitten stuck on the ledge on the 25th floor of a housing building. After having lived on the edge for a brief moment, the kitten (named Chloe) was saved and placed into the SPCA's animal shelter for adoption. While we do not know how she got herself stuck on the 25th floor ledge, we are thankful that someone called us before something tragic happened to the little furball. A month later, sweet little Chloe was adopted into a good home!

High Risk Rescue of Kitten in Monsoon Canal (2011)

In April 2011, our inspector braved yet another heavy downpour in this unpredictable Singapore weather to attend to a call around 5.45pm regarding a kitten that was clinging on to a floating pipe in the monsoon drain along Corporation Road. When we got there, rainwater was gushing through the canal and there the kitten was, wet, shivering and holding on for his dear life. We had to call the PUB for help and eventually, the little one was rescued. Named Gambit, he was put up for adoption and went to a great loving home.

Rescue of Kiat Kiat (February 2011)

In February, the SPCA acted on an anonymous tip off about a dog tied to a fence with a rusty chain, in the forested area around Jalan Kayu. Our inspector found the poor animal severely thin, thirsty and hungry. He had no proper shelter from the sweltering heat. Taking over the ownership of the dog (later named Kiat Kiat), the SPCA immediately brought him to the vet, aided by the kind generosity and assistance of two fellow animal lovers. Miraculously, apart from being undernourished and dehydrated, the vet found Kiat Kiat in good health. As he had been tied up all day and night, he was also placed at the mercy of attacks from other wild dogs, judging from the numerous bite scars all over his body. Despite being in such a horrendous situation for nearly three years, Kiat Kiat is surprisingly affectionate, with only a tinge of shyness which disappears quickly once he warmed up to anyone showing him love.

Rescuing a dehydrated White-Bellied Sea Eagle (2011)

On 23 September 2011, the SPCA responded to a call about another injured eagle at Changi. Arriving on the scene, our Animal Rescue Officer picked up this beautiful white-bellied sea eagle. We brought it to the Jurong Bird Park whom we regularly turn to for assistance where wildlife is concerned. The eagle was found to be suffering from dehydration. After nursing it to health, the eagle was released back into the wild five days later.

Saving & Rehabilitating a Cat with fish hook stuck in mouth (2010)

We received a call from a member of the public informing us that a sterilised community cat (named Sammy) from Pasir Ris had a fish hook stuck in its mouth. Our vet promptly removed the hook during surgery with the help of a few household tools. After spending a week recovering in our shelter, the stitches were removed and Sammy was certified fit. He was released back where he was found, his home sweet home. We hope he stays out of trouble and steers clear of fish hooks! A big thank you to the person who informed us about this and a reminder to all to keep our community safe for the animals by disposing our rubbish appropriately.

Rescue and Release of Crested Serpent Eagle & Changeable Hawk Eagle (2010)

In 2010, two other birds of prey, a Crested Serpent Eagle and a Changeable Hawk Eagle were picked up in separate cases by our Animal Rescue Officers following reports received from the public that the birds were in distress.  Both birds were in a severely dehydrated state and were sent to the Jurong Bird Park. The Changeable Hawk Eagle, which was found in a dazed state outside a classroom in a kindergarten along Gangsa Road, was treated for minor cuts and a wound on the talons. Following their treatment and recovery at the Bird Park, they were released on 19 November in a forested area at Lim Chu Kang.

Rescue of stray puppy fallen into drain (2010)

On 3rd September, the SPCA received a call in the night about a puppy stuck in a deep drain behind Cisco building. Likely to have fallen into the drain and stuck for a day, the pup was wary of humans and ran away when our rescue officers approached. Finally, after almost two hours from the time the rescue operation began, he was caught. Slightly traumatized from the ordeal but safe and sound, he was released back to his mother who was waiting nearby.

Rescue of Mynah tangled in tree (2010)

In October 2010, the SPCA responded to a case of a mynah that had gotten herself tangled in some string on a tree at Boon Lay. When our rescue officer arrived, she was seen struggling and in danger of getting injured. The rescue officer swifly moved into action by gently cutting away the string and setting her free. A big thank you to the eagle-eyed caller who spotted the distressed bird in the tree.

Rescue of a kitten stuck in tree (2010)

In October 2010, the SPCA attended to a call regarding a little kitten stuck on a three-storey high tree at Bedok South. Clearly very afraid, the kitten kept going higher and higher up the tree each time we tried to rescue her. Finally, we called a cherry picker in. A crowd of concerned residents gathered to watch as the rescue unfolded. Our rescue officers stood by under the tree in case she jumped. The little kitty was rescued and the caller who alerted SPCA decided to take the kitten home.

Rescuing a baby squirrel (2010)

In March 2010, the SPCA was informed of a baby squirrel that had fallen off a tree along Cluny Road. After a few hours, the caller saw no sign of its mommy and alerted the SPCA. Our rescue team responded to the call and went to pick up the squirrel. The little one was fostered by one of the SPCA's own Animal Care Officer and subsequently released back into the wild when it was able to fend for itself.

Rescuing a Tabby stuck in window grill (2010)

Around 8.40am on 2nd February 2010, one of our rescue officers responded to a call regarding an adult tabby cat that had half its body stuck between a metal grill and metal pane. Apart from the stress from its misadventure, the cat was unharmed and returned to its owner. The SPCA reminds all cat owners to be responsible for your cat's safety and keep them indoors.

Treating Carrot, the cat with the injured tail (2010)

In 2010, the rescue team attended to a call about a cat with a badly injured tail. Rushing down to Chinatown, we found Carrot, the sweetest cat in the world! Even with his tail half missing, he politely greeted our rescuers with affectionate rubs. He was promptly brought to our vet who advised that a tail amputation was necessary. We are not sure how his tail was injured. Carrot healed well and was put up for adoption in the animal shelter.


Rehoming a monitor lizard (2010)

In March 2010, the SPCA Animal Rescue team responded to a distress call from a child care centre about a young monitor lizard that was found in a drain in the vicinity of the child care centre at Guillemard Crescent. The SPCA was asked to remove the animal, which was later found to be healthy and was released into a forested area, where it would be safe from traffic.

Rescuing a White-Bellied Sea Eagle with fractured wing (2010)

This White-Bellied Sea Eagle was picked up in Changi by the SPCA in February. A member of the public had reported that the bird could not fly. The massive brown and white bird, later identified as a juvenile, was sent to the Jurong Bird Park for treatment. Following an x-ray, the eagle was diagnosed with a fractured wing, which it was later treated for before rehabilitation into the wild.