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Miko (Louis) - Siamese cross

Date posted: 15 May 2018 
Animal Type: Cat
Animal Name: Miko (Louis)
Gender: Male
Color: White
Breed: Siamese cross
Age: 3 yrs
Training: Yes
Training Info: Toilet-trained
Microchip: No (Why you should microchip)
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History:  have some food allergies, sensitive skin and excessive grooming issues. Has a bald patch under the tummy and between the thighs
Personality: Miko was found malnourished and underweight hiding outside the 20th storey of an HDB flat. I believe that he was abandon and probably mistreated with some past bad experience. As he seems to be very lost, stress, tenses, confused, fearful and wary of humans including his rescuers when he was first found. In the beginning, he is easily stressed up and confused. He is fearful of strangers and will need time and patience to warm up. However, now he is doing a lot better and he is ready for new home.

Miko is a very affectionate boy once he gets to know you better and open up to you. He can be very loyal and quite clever. Also, he will follow his caregiver around like a dog if he decided to and accept you as well as trust you. His loyal and affectionate personality also indicates that he is likely a house pet before.

An active boy with a bundle of energy to play with his toys and can self-entertain himself as well. His favourite toys are feather toys and or any toys with movements. Occasionally, he would roll over for belly rubs. He likes to stay indoors more than outdoor most of the time.

He is can quite a glutton when comes to food, so his food intake must be monitor and control. He may also have some food allergies, sensitive skin and excessive grooming issues due to stress or some other reasons. In which vet visits are needed as well as quality food are to be given.

There will be screening to keep me updated about his wellbeing. Adopters are to allow fosterer to follow up should there be anything concerning to the cat.

For those who are interested and willing to give him a forever home, love, care and patience, willing to cat-proof the home as well as give him a good quality food. Adopter house must be meshed up, and cat must be kept indoors always. Should it be allowed outside, it must be supervised at all time as well as leashed if possible.

There will be pre-adoption screening/house visit carried out, as well as a post-adoption house visit. Should adopter by any chance decided to rehome it or unable to continue caring for it. Adopter should always inform and get back to fosterer
Contact: Celine, 90866431,