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Gracie, Tina - Domestic Shorthair

Date posted: 18 April2017 
Animal Type: Cat
Animal Name: Gracie, Tina
Gender: Female
Color: Tabby
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: 4 yrs 6mths
Training: Yes
Training Info: Toilet-trained
Microchip: Yes
Microchip at: SPCA
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History:  Gracie is missing one paw from some misadventure before we adopted her at SPCA. She is very mobile - she can walk and jump, but she has a bit of a
'hoppity' run.

Personality: Gracie is friendly and will quickly win your heart. Tina is gentle, but more reserved. Both cats like to be stroked and are used to being with children. They prefer not to be picked up and will only sometimes settle in your lap. They are not demanding. They use their cat litter tray tidily and eat both wet and dry cat food (they are not too fussy). They are inquisitive and will often seek out human company. Although they are sisters, they move about quite independently of one another. Their presence around the house has given our family a lot of pleasure. Peewee litter tray and travel carrier provided.
Contact: Paula, 81578575