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Rehoming Notice Board
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In our bid to save lives and help those animals needing new homes, we've set up this page for personal adoption notices. We are only providing the service of posting the notices on our website. Please liaise directly with the contact person listed on the notices if you're interested.

If you feel that any of the rehomers may be misrepresenting themselves, you can report it to us via our Contact Us page. If necessary, we will remove the post.

If you're trying to find a loving new home for your little (and not so little) creature(s), fill out the form found at the top. Please take note that each user is permitted only one rehoming notice per month. Should you have more than one animal, please combine the pictures and information together in the same format.

Here are some sample questions to ask potential adopters to make sure your pet is going to a good home.


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Bobby - Cross Breed

Date posted: 13 March 2018
Animal Type: Dog 
Animal Name: Bobby
Gender: Male
Color: Brown 
Breed: Cross Breed
Age: 11 yrs
Training: Toilet-trained
Microchip: No (Why you should microchip)
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: Nil
Personality: Healthy, playful, likes to climb up and down. Does not like anyone touching his ear
Contact: Jerry, 94247638,


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Harley - Silky cross Shih Tzu

Date posted: 12 March 2018 
Animal Type: Dog
Animal Name: Harley
Gender: Male
Color: Black and White
Breed: Silky cross Shih Tzu
Age: 5 yrs 3 mths
Training: Yes
Training Info: Toilet-trained
Microchip: Yes
Microchip at: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (Changi) Pte Ltd
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: Sprained arm once as he is a long bodied dog
Personality: Paper and pee pad trained but will need a baby gate to cordon him off while everyone is out.
His next vaccination is due on 27.03.18, and his license, which will be transferred, is valid till Dec 2018.

No health problems, only a sprained foreleg now and then (common with long body dogs running up and down stairs) Harley can get excitable, especially when he meets new people and he barks a lot. However once he calms down (we give him a biscuit when guests arrive) he is sweet and affectionate. We also cordon him off from guests for 5 minutes when they are arrive just so he calms down before we introduce them to him.
Harley needs a firm hand to bring the best out of him, as he is excitable. Harley doesn't need much exercise. He gets tired after 10 minutes of walking. He doesn't like strangers, and will growl and bark at some of them
whilst on walks. Currently he needs to be on a choke chain lead (as he pulls on harness too much) and walked in heel position. He has been to lessons and knows what he should do he just gets too excited. We also use a bark collar with him but with limited success - if he really wants to bark it won't deter him.

He loves playing with balls, being tickled and going for short walks and eating biscuits. He will sit when ordered to prior to taking the biscuit. All things considered, Harley is most suitable for families, living in an
apartment with no other dogs or cats and grown up kids.

We are not charging adoption fees; just a $50 donation to SPCA will suffice. We are extremely sad to be putting Harley up for adoption so we just want to make sure he finds the best suitable home so will be meeting with all potential adopters in person..
Contact: Jessica,


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Brownie - X-Long Haired Chihuahua

Date posted: 7 March 2018 
Animal Type: Dog
Animal Name: Brownie
Gender: Male
Color: Light brown and white coat
Breed: X-Long Haired Chihuahua
Age: 12 yrs 5 mths
Training: Yes
Training Info: Understand basic commands
Microchip: Yes
Microchip at: The Animal Clinic Pte Ltd
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: Low grade heart murmur
Personality: Fiesty but kind to his humans - takes some time to warm up to you because he is afraid of strangers.
Contact: Li yi,


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Cashew - Japanese spitz

Date posted: 7 March 2018 
Animal Type: Dog
Animal Name: Cashew
Gender: Female
Breed: Japanese spitz
Age: 7 yrs 
Training: Yes
Training Info: Toilet-trained,Understand basic commands
Microchip: Yes
Microchip at: Vet Practice Pte Ltd
Sterilisation: Yes
Medical History: Nil
Personality: Loving and loves to cuddle.
Contact: Fiona,


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Nugget - Singapura Special

Date posted: 7 March 2018 
Animal Type: Dog
Animal Name: Nugget
Gender: Female
Color: Brown
Breed: Singapura Special
Age: 4 mths
Training: Understand basic commands
Microchip: Yes
Microchip at: United Veterinary Clinic
Sterilisation: No (Why you should sterilise)
Medical History: Nil
Personality: High Eq and Iq. Sociable and friendly with humans and furries,pee pad tray and grass trained, understands sit, down, paw.
Contact: Jackie,


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