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"Adopter-Adoptee Matching" Programme

Finding your family dog is never easy, but we try to help you look for the best match. Under this initiative, all shelter dogs are profiled for likely training, medical and other needs. Look out for the colour card in front of each kennel to find out more about our dogs.

Want to know more about choosing your family dog?

Want to know more about settling your dog? 
(issues covered include potty training, play biting, jumping, chewing and socialisation)

Want to know more about how to read your dog's behaviour?

Want to know more about learning with your family dog?

Want to know more about how our SPCA dogs are trained?


I'm a high energy dog who is suitable for families with an active lifestyle. Training is needed to bring out the best in me.


I am a shy dog, suitable for families with a quiet lifestyle and willing to train at a gradual pace with me.


I'm a dog with special needs and for experienced families only. I will need training to address my behavioral challenges. I may not be suitable for families with children or other dogs.



The above programme is part of our on-going collaboration with For more information on Canine Education @ SPCA Singapore, click here.