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Happy Endings  

Here are some of the many successful adoptions we have had at the SPCA.

If you have adopted from us before and have a story to share with us, please email us at, along with a short write-up of your life with the new member of the family and photos to go with the story.

** One of our adopted pet cats Gandalf has played an important role in the life of Gina Ho and family. We thank her for sharing how Gandalf has helped her husband Edgar Lu cope better in his illness. It is another testament to the fact that pets are a wonderful comfort and good stress relievers. You may wish to read Mr Lu's blog here.


Marvellous Monty

Monty, who was formerly Shadow, was adopted from the SPCA in September 2013. He now lives with us in East Sussex in the United Kingdom and absolutely loves his life here – especially the open spaces and the mud, but most of all he loves chasing rabbits! I know that if he could, he would say a big thank you to all at the SPCA for giving him the chance to have such a fun life.  

Justin Birch


Top Tin

When I adopted Tin, it was one of the best day of my life. I had gone onto the SPCA website to find potential adoptees and that was where I found Tin. I spoke to my parents about adopting him. After a long discussion, they agreed and brought my sister and me to the SPCA to meet him. We were helped by many people at the SPCA. Once we adopted Tin, we brought him home. It took a while, but  after a few months, he settled well into his new life. Tin is a happy dog. I realise that Tin and I were meant for each other. I love him very much.

Elisabeth Mei Mohan


Sushi, the Kitten

We adopted Sushi, a gorgeous calico Japanese Bobtail from SPCA’s shelter on 1 September 2014. Surprisingly, all it took was a mere day for Sushi to adapt and be litter-trained in our home. She was gradually introduced to my pet guinea pig, Hero, over a few days. During this time, she only sniffed and watched him from a distance. Several weeks later, she now hangs out with Hero, greets him every morning from outside his cage, and tugs gently at him during playtime. Sushi is affectionate, friendly,  loves being held, kissed and hugged by my girls. We love her so dearly!

Thanks are due to our fosterer, Zoey Chia, for introducing her to my family and to SPCA for keeping her healthy and safe.

Sabrina Endra



Bizzy Bizcuit

In 2007, my parents adopted Bizcuit (formerly PiPi ) from SPCA. Bizcuit clung to my mother and even dug his claws into her shoulders and simply refused to let her go home without him. His pleading cries and eager big brown eyes were irresistible and Bizcuit was soon homeward bound!

My father passed away very shortly after Bizcuit came home with us, so my husband, Robin and I took over as parents to Bizcuit. We simply fell in love with him. With the passing of my father, the departure of my best friend and only sister to Australia, and the turmoil of family politics, I sunk into severe depression and developed PTSD. After having to seek professional help and medication, this did not quite help at all. I found that dedicating my time as a new found mother to Bizcuit did the trick!

Loving and caring for Bizcuit all these years has reaped amazing results for both my husband and myself, in our marriage as well as individuals. Bizcuit has reciprocated with so much love, laughter, joy and peace in our home. We cannot imagine life without Bizcuit anymore.

Today, we celebrated Bizcuit's 7th Gotcha Year with members of the Singapore Bichon Club. I have never felt so elated and truly blessed with Bizcuit who helped make us so many good friends. Bizcuit is not pedigree. He's a Cross Bichon-Poodle, but the good people of this Club simply adore him all the same, and are very supportive of adoption. They have gifted Bizcuit with so many thoughtful presents.

Robin and I are so grateful for the love, support and friendship. Bizcuit would like to keep all the toys, clothes and snacks given and share them with his little brother Tiny (a rust coloured Poodle, who's also adopted). We would love to share all his gift certificates and ang pows with his fellow friends at the SPCA, generously gifted by Clement and Jessy Lee, Pearly Tan, Vanessa and Leslie.

Here is a big thank you to all at the Singapore Bichon Club.

We pray that Bizcuit's blessings received from these wonderful people will spread the same love, joy and peace to all the rescued doggies at SPCA. We hope that they will soon find forever homes as Bizcuit has done for us in these seven years.

Robin Sing and Althea Leong


Elegant Elly

Elly was adopted in August 2013. As I did not want to support one of those breeding mills I had heard so many sad stories about, I made the decision to adopt a dog from a shelter. I had never had a pet before but I wanted to take a leap of faith for my family and I who had just moved here from Germany.

When we visited the SPCA, we decided on Delia, a local-mixed-breed dog of about three-years-old, who grew up in the shelter. The staff at the SPCA were very helpful and sensitive with our search for our perfect companion so  when we chose Delia, they were also very honest about her.  They assured us that she is a real sweetheart, once you have earned her trust.  When we finally took Delia home, we renamed her Elly to signify a new chapter in her life. The first four days were very hard, she hid under the bed and would not come out at all, not for food and not even for a pee. So one step at a time, with a lot of patience, we managed to give her courage. It took us four weeks to just get beyond the condo barrier and after four months, we went to dog training for resocialising. Today, Elly is like family, the best friend you possibly can have. She still is not an outgoing dog, but it seems she does appreciate every single bit of attention that we give to her.

Silke Dietz


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