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Happy Endings  

Here are some of the many successful adoptions we have had at the SPCA.

If you have adopted from us before and have a story to share with us, please email us at, along with a short write-up of your life with the new member of the family and photos to go with the story.

** One of our adopted pet cats Gandalf has played an important role in the life of Gina Ho and family. We thank her for sharing how Gandalf has helped her husband Edgar Lu cope better in his illness. It is another testament to the fact that pets are a wonderful comfort and good stress relievers. You may wish to read Mr Lu's blog here.


Neat Freak Specky - Forever in Our Hearts

Specky crossed the rainbow bridge on 5 April. Took me awhile to write this because we were all missing him real bad.

We noticed that he was very listless and slept all the time and so we brought him to the vet to check. He was diagnosed with tick fever and we immediately arranged for a blood transfusion. Thank goodness my sister in-law has a big healthy dog donor. He looked and felt much better after that but his blood count was not improving, we tried plasma transfusion, another round of blood transfusion, we basically tried everything that was available but still no use. The frustrating part was that he looked so well and upbeat, you couldn’t tell from his appearance that he was not doing well.

This little feller was quite the charmer and has everyone at the vet’s fall in love with him. We managed to find out some quirks he had like how he was a clean freak and would use his snout to push aside the soiled or even wet pee pads to one corner of his cage and sleep only on the clean side. How he would still try to walk around the clinic when we open his cage door…forgetting that he’s attached to a drip! He didn’t put up a struggle when the nurses had to draw blood and even offered his other paw when they were unable to draw any blood from one side. How not to fall in love with him right?

I just wanted to that SPCA for letting us have the privilege of being able to enjoy this little feller and have all these awesome stories to tell our family and friends. 

Keep up the good work guys!



Kitty the 'Party Mix' Kat

The weekend before Christmas, we set off to the SPCA to adopt a new cat (our two previous cats, one adopted from the SPCA more than 12 years ago; and the other an adopted former stray from an allergic friend, having both passed away from old age in the past two years).

Before visiting the SPCA, I had spent some time on your new website. What a fabulous website feature--allowing us to read about the individual animals up for adoption and see pictures of them, with time to think through carefully which cat would be most comfortable in his or her new home with us. We had our 'short list' in hand on arrival, and finding our number one choice already adopted, proceeded down to number two and found--now that she's been with us for two weeks--the perfect cat for us. I doubt this would have happened without the website feature given all the people present the day we visited, the noise, the confusion, the barking of excited dogs, all of which undoubtedly contribute to disturbing the cats' normal temperaments and giving perhaps false impressions. (When pointed out to us, KitKat was trying to avoid a keen-to-disturb-her-sleep family.) KitKat turned out to be as promised--quiet, gentle--well suited to our home of three quiet book and cat-loving adults. She is the sweetest cat we've ever had, with the quietest of purrs. 

Clearly your staff and volunteers love their job and really pay attention to the animals to have been able to give such a perfect description of the animals' temperaments; and the volunteer on duty who also told me that KitKat particularly liked a cat treat called "Party Mix" was spot on! An early offering of "Party Mix" obviously made KitKat decide we were her sort of people. We can't believe this beautiful, well-behaved cat had to wait for months before finding a home. She is already priceless to us and sleeping beside me as I type this.

So a big thank you to all your staff and volunteers for a job well done and for helping us find our perfect new family member.



Zesty Zorro

We adopted Zorro (formerly known as Zero) from SPCA in November 2009. At that time, he was only two years old. Since nobody knows his actual date of birth, we decided to use his adoption date, 25 November, as his birthday.

Once we adopted Zorro, the first few weeks were the hardest, he was not house trained but with a lot of time and patience, we managed to toilet-train him. It took us three months to train him to settle his business in the toilet or outside in the grass. He then became very confident and  obedient as well. He's not picky at all and eats everything that we give him, he loves food. Zorro never refuses a pat or a kiss and will ask us to play with him for hours. He has learned many tricks and he can even do them without treats. 

Time has flown by and Zorro has become part of our family and always will be, he will be there whenever we celebrate any occasion. Zorro is now nine years old and is still so active, mischievous and  loving. We love him very much and are truly blessed to have him in our life!

Chan Family 


Stray Cray

On the night of 8th October, my mum and I rescued a stray crayfish walking along the road a few doors down from our house. Yup, you read that right - there was a crayfish walking on the tarmac. It was making its way towards the centre of the road, about to be run over by several cars that were heading in its direction. My brother was the one who alerted us to it by telling my mum: "... there's a prawn walking along the road...", but he then promptly left us to deal with it!

We trotted down the road, I took one look at it, and said to my mum: "That's not a prawn - it's a crayfish. And, um, I don't dare to touch it."

I didn't know a thing about crayfish, and I was afraid of all its legs, so I just held up traffic while my mum nudged it towards the side of the road with her foot, then ran back to the house to grab a shoebox and a gardening scoop she uses to water plants. She scooped the crayfish into the shoebox and transferred it to a pail with a bit of water. While I was at work the next day, my mum went around asking our neighbours if anyone had lost a crayfish (either a pet one or a barbecue ingredient), but no one who was in owned up to losing a crustacean.

So it became my baby - despite my fear of its many, many appendages, I did some desperate Googling about crayfish care, transferred it to a large plastic basin (using thick rubber gloves, and trying not to scream while picking it up), gave it mugs to hide in, and bought shrimp pellets for it, and also tried to tempt it with brinjal, peas, raw fish and seaweed. It only seemed to toy with the food and to barely eat, so I was afraid it would starve to death. But I kept putting the food in and hoping it would nibble on something or other, and it seemed fine. Ten days after we found it, my best friend agreed to adopt it. It's now in a tank with plants and rocks and gravel in her home, and it looks more contented. We still have no idea if it's eating, and we don't have a clue where it came from, but we hope it will survive and be happy. If it doesn't, then at the very least, we're giving it a more peaceful and dignified place to die (especially if it was originally meant to be part of someone's hotpot meal).

Yes, I was quite scared of it (it reminded me of a gigantic insect), but I wanted to do whatever I could for it. Now, I actually miss checking on it to make sure it wasn't being attacked by cats or rats, and watching the way it would swiftly reverse-park itself in one mug or another whenever it was startled. Kept me up worrying about it for ten nights, that little critter. And now I don't think I can eat crayfish again for a long, long time...

But anyway, that's the story of one stray cray rehomed!


Note: Although this is not a story about an animal that has been rehomed by the SPCA, we thought it was a great one to share by one determined supporter of the animal welfare cause. Thank you Adele!


Playful Polly

In December 2014, we adopted Polly, a shy and quiet young puppy to our family. She started out relying on our older dogs to show her the ropes and I don't think Sandie was all too impressed with a needy puppy. Now, she has grown in an athletic and intelligent young dog.

She enjoys running around with other dogs as well as cuddling up on the couch. She is a loving young girl and I hope she lives a long life, so she can accompany me on my adventures of the world. My favourite moments were when she would crawl into my lap when she was small, but she's a bit too big for that now!



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