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Happy Endings  

Here are some of the many successful adoptions we have had at the SPCA.

If you have adopted from us before and have a story to share with us, please email us at, along with a short write-up of your life with the new member of the family and photos to go with the story.

** One of our adopted pet cats Gandalf has played an important role in the life of Gina Ho and family. We thank her for sharing how Gandalf has helped her husband Edgar Lu cope better in his illness. It is another testament to the fact that pets are a wonderful comfort and good stress relievers. You may wish to read Mr Lu's blog here.


Willy & Breezy, Two Birds Of A Feather

Hey everyone! I always wanted cats since I was a child and finally this year
I managed to convince my parents to let me get a cat.The first thing that
came to my mind was going to SPCA and have a look at the cats there.

I was really excited,  like a child going on his first trip and the volunteers
there were helpful and answered lots of my questions. I went home and did my own research.Two days later,I felt it was time to see which cat I was
interested in and again I went to SPCA. I was looking around when I saw a
volunteer carrying this cat and immediately, it was love at first sight for
me and Willy. He was playful,friendly but a bit aloof. I interacted with
him and went home to discuss with my mom.

Two days later, it was the BIG day. We brought our carrier and went to fetch
Willy.Upon reaching our house, he was nervous but within two hours, he
managed to warm up to us. Two months has since passed, Willy has made everyone
happy as my family members look forward to seeing Willy when
they return home. Willy would start meowing with happiness at the door
whenever we start to open the door. We always laugh at his funny antics
like lying on the newspaper when my dad is reading it or burrowing his head in
the dustbin and having the smell of food on his head for days.

We felt that Willy would be bored at home during the day and we ourselves
wanted a second cat,so we adopted a black kitten called Breezy. We renamed
her BeiBei which means "darling" in Mandarin.This time round,I was more
experienced with introducing a cat to our home. Everything went smoothly,
including the introduction with Willy. They are now the best of buddies
and for us, its double the happiness and fun. I have since became a volunteer at
SPCA. Please do come down and visit SPCA and give these loving animals a
place in your heart and home!Thank you SPCA.
*The grey cat on the left is Willy and the black kitten is BeiBei(Breezy)

Yong Seng


Bono Is Love, Patience And Serenity Embodied

Bono was a skinny 7 year old when we saw him at SPCA 2 years ago. Everytime his name was called, he would obediently get up and reach out to be petted.We were told Bono was a stressed cat that needed to put on weight. Yet he was never hard to please from day one. We let him be, let him gain trust in us. He is big on lap sitting and napping under my blanket, leaning on my legs as we sleep. He is the best, most gentle cat I could ever ask for. At times he'd just climb and rest on my stomach as I lie down. When ignored, he'd tap his soft paws on my hands. Bono is love, patience and serenity emobodied. Thank you SPCA for introducing us to Bono. I cannot imagine life without him.

Siti & Firdaus


Manuka The Sweet Beagle

We met Manuka on an idle Sunday when we were looking at cats at the SPCA with some friends.  We strolled past her enclosure and it was quite simply… love at first sight.  It’s been just over a week and Manuka is settling in so well.  She’s such a social little thing and keen to stop and meet every person and animal on our walks.  She comes with us everywhere and we’ve become accustomed to doggy-friendly alfresco dining.  She’s the perfect pooch for curling up under the dining table.

We’ve learned Manuka is a chewer and she just loves flip flops and socks!  She also loves her favourite new toy we’ve names “Woz”. She drags Woz with her everywhere, it’s very cute.

We really do love Manuka, she’s made us much more active and it’s such a blessing having a little bundle of happiness and joy running around out feet.  We thank the SPCA for supporting our adoption and for bring Manuka into our lives. 

Oliver and Jane


Mathie, Our "Golden" Old Lady

After I lost one cat and was left with just one old man, Napoleon, I thought I’d let him be King of the Castle for the rest of his days, but I hadn't met Mathilda yet. Mathie arrived at SPCA around June 2011, and I spent a lot of time with this sweet little calico lady, who sat quietly watching the world go by.  She responded to strokes and cuddles, but never asked for affection, made a fuss or vied for attention. This, combined with her "advancing years" - Mathie is nearly 8 - meant that she was still at the shelter 6 months later.  I finally decided that since I was spending so much time with her already, she may as well live in our house! Mathie is such a joy to have around. After hiding in a box for a few days, her curiosity overcame her and she soon started investigating her new home and new house-mate. There were some teething problems getting the two old-timers to get along, but time, patience, a little bit of Feliway, and we are pretty much there.Although kittens are great, an older lady like Mathie has some real benefits. She's house-trained, self-sufficient and has never been found swinging from the curtains.  She is content to spend hours curled up with us, enjoying being part of a family for the first time. Although Napoleon still sulks sometimes, my boyfriend and I wouldn't be without Mathie - our golden "old" lady! 

Jessica Reeves



Be My Valentine!

Early this year we decided to adopt a cat. At first, we wanted to get a kitten. However after visiting the cattery at SPCA, we fell in love with one of the young adults there. Her name is Valentine, also known as miau miau, and from the moment she first laid her paws in our house she made it her own.She loves to play with common household items. Her favourites are a pen and a plastic bucket. She attacks the scratching pole and the playing stick with colourful furry balls every time she is challenged. She greets us every day when we come home with a cheerful meow. We love to hear her purr in delight when we pick her up and pet her behind the ears and below the chin. Every night she will hop in our bed and sleep at our feet, beside us or even on top of us. In the morning, she patiently waits for the alarm clock to ring before giving us a lick or a gentle paw in the face. Thank you SPCA for bringing up our beautiful girl and making our home a happier place!

Andre and Francisca



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