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Some of these animals may be adopted or could be pending adoption as you are reading their profiles. Please give us a call at 6287 5355 ext 24 to verify the adoption status of the animal you are interested in. Thank you very much!

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Colour Match
Gender: Male
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Gold
Age: 5 yrs 4 mths
Not HDB Approved 

Creamy golden Pancakes would be such a happy pup to come home to. Our little charmer is friendly and playful, loves other pups to play with, and is ready and willing to smother you with love and affection. He could definitely use much more play and running around at this point, but we're sure that once he has that he'll settle down into a beautiful young dog

Gender: Male
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Black/White
Age: 5 yrs 6 mths
Not HDB Approved 

Have you ever met a dog that is afraid of everything - loud noises, vehicles, including us? Well, Spotty is that kind of dog.
Spotty needs an experienced family that can help him to build trust and confidence. Through humane and force free training plus a little bit of patience, he can turn into an excellent canine companion - he is a quick learner.

Are you interested to know him? Please arrange for a guided appointment with him, to find out more about him!

P.S.: Please give him time to know you.


  • Stimulating his mind - puzzle toys, learning new tricks like entering a crate or stepping on a mat.
  • Rewards for every bit of bravery around things that scare him
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Likes to lick the people he knows, but please turn away from him as he can become jumpy


  • Touching him, if you're not familiar to him
  • Sudden movements that will startle him 

This dog marked Adoption By Appointment (ABA) will require you to make a prior appointment to view and interact with him. He needs more specialized care and training and therefore a counselor well versed with this dog will be at hand during the appointed meeting. Please call 62875355 ext 24 to make an appointment. If you are unable to get through to speak to someone, please leave a voice message and a staff or volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gender: Male
Breed: X breed
Colour: Black Tan
Age: 2 yrs 5 mths
Not HDB Approved 
More Pictures

Timon is a sweet and timid dog. He will take time to warm up to humans but will be ready to devote his life to loving and caring for his new owner once he trusts that person. 

Gender: Male
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Black / Tan
Age: 2 yrs 7 mths
Not HDB Approved 

This lovely boy is Bruce. Bruce has a unique charm and once you get to know him you can't help but fall in love with him. He wouldn't mind some polite walking friends, especially if they are ladies, however he would like to live as the only pet in the home.

Gender: Male
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour: Brown / White
Age: 8 yrs 9 mths
HDB Approved 

This adorable boy is Prince, he is very fun and loving but can get worried by certain situations so he is looking for a home that can help bring his confidence out. Prince can be worried by people so would like his new owners to let him meet people in his own time. Prince came to us in a sad state as he was abuse by his owner but thankfully he has bounced back and has shown himself to be a fun and loving boy who is just looking for that forever home where he can discover how enjoyable life can be. 


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