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What Sort Of Cage Does My Hamster Need?

For all hamsters, even little kinds like the Roborovski, bigger is always better.

The kinds of colourful cage with tubes are not recommended. They are made primarily to attract childrens attention with little consideration to the actual needs of the hamster. He will spend most of his life in the cage so a spacious one will allow more room for toys and exercise.

Tall cages are not a good idea. Even though hamsters appear to enjoy climbing, they can fall and hurt themselves. 

If you look on YouTube you can find out how to make a "Bin Cage". These are popular now as they offer lots of space, are easy to clean and are cheap to make. In Germany hamsters are very popular pets for adults. People there make beautiful cages for their pet which look nice in the home. The Ikea "Detolf" glass display cabinet is often used to create a natural and beautiful hamster home which is fashionable at the moment in Europe. YouTube has lots of ideas and is a great resource.