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My Hamster Loves Pizza! What Else Can I Feed Him?

STOP! Please do not feed pizza to your hamster! Good quality hamster food and a small piece of fresh fruit or vegetable per day will do. Vegetables like lettuce, carrots and celery can be offered in small amounts. Fruits like apple, bananas and melons are also their favourites. You can feed them these as treats once a week. Everything in moderation!

Hamsters are different from people. What we eat is often very bad for hamsters, so even though you want to be kind and share your goodies with your petpal, it is much kinder to offer things that are good for him and will not make him feel ill. If you want to treat your hamster, a few rolled oats will be much appreciated. A nice nut now and again is a real treat, but do not feed them almonds as they are toxic to hamsters.