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Why Is My Rabbit Shedding?

Shedding or moulting is common for rabbits especially in our hot and humid climate. Due to their thick fur coat, the shedding is a way for the fur to change according to the climate. Regular brushing is important to maintain a healthy fur coat for your rabbit. Making sure your rabbit stays in a clean, dry and well-ventilated area at home could help to minimize the shedding.

Normal shedding should not result in bald patches or intense skin itch. In such cases where there is extensive fur loss with skin itch or injury, there could be some skin diseases. Fungal infection is common in Singapore as our weather is very hot and damp.

If your rabbit stays in a poorly ventilated area with no regular brushing of its fur, it is very easy for the skin to be affected by fungus. This will result in excessive fur shedding and bald patches with dry crusty skin.

Fur mite infestation is also another common cause of excessive shedding with intense skin itch. Fur mites are external parasites that are passed from one rabbit to another. Fur mites will also affect guinea pigs and cats. A medical checkup is needed to confirm the presence of fur mites. To the naked eye, the fur mites appear to look like dust-like particles on the fur. A veterinarian will need to confirm the infestation and prescribe appropriate medication for treatment.