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Keeping Your Cats Safe Indoors

Cats are curious creatures, and they love a good view of the passing traffic, the birds, and having a good bask under the sun. Occasionally, you might spot a cat on the air-conditioner compressors or sitting on the window ledges. However, a misstep or a playful pounce on a passing bird or insect may result in a serious injury. 

Also, many have the idea that a cat should be allowed to leave the house as and when they want, and to roam around the neighbourhood. This can put him/her at risk of abuse or getting lost. Despite what many people believe, cats are “purrfectly” happy to be kept indoor, and there are many activities that you may dabble with your cat. To awaken your cat’s natural instinct for play, you can utilise pet toys such as battery-operated mice, feathered toys, a simple strand of string, or even a DIY ball made with a toilet roll. It is beneficial to engage your cat in such activities as it increases the bond between you and your cat, while having fun and keeping them active.


We would like to highlight that a notable percentage of emergency cases our Animal Rescue Officers attend to are rescuing community or pet cats stranded on a high ledge. Such rescues pose a certain level of danger both for the cat and the officer.

Pictured is a cat which was safely rescued by one of our officers last week. This grey cat was stuck on a corridor ledge seven floors high. The officer performed a situational assessment and managed to bring it to safety with the necessary equipment.

Hence, to precent situation as such, we do urge cat owners to mesh your windows and gates in the spirit of good neighbourliness, and to keep your cat safely in the house.