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Let's Get To Know Labradors!

The Labrador Retriever has an enviable reputation among dogs, and one which is well-deserved. Their gentleness and tolerance of people and other animals make them an ideal addition to a house with small children and other pets. These traits, coupled with their friendly nature and inherent eagerness to please, make them a perennial favourite among dog enthusiasts.

Labs are both highly intelligent and obedient and are thus relatively easy to train. Labs love to play and retrieve, and have what can sometimes seem to be a limitless store of energy – daily exercise is an unquestionable requirement.

The Lab’s abundant energy can lead to destructive and hyperactive behavior if they are not sufficiently exercised. With the right amount of exercise and stimulation, the breed makes for a perfect companion and friend.

Labradors Retrievers are very active and among the most sociable of dogs. The breed should exercise with people and/or other dogs everyday, and should be given every opportunity available to socialise.

Favourite pastimes of the Labrador Retriever include retrieving and maybe swimming. The dog is fairly adaptable to hot climates but is much happier living indoors with their family rather than in the garden.

Labrador Retrievers are average shedders and should be brushed once a week.

Life expectancy: 11-12 years
Height: 53cm to 63cm
Weight: 25kg or more