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How Often Should I Groom My Pet? Do I Have To Groom a Short-Coated Dog?

Grooming stimulates skin health, helps control parasite invasion and helps your dog look and feel good.

Here is a rough guide to the grooming needs of different breeds.

Long Coat Breeds
(e.g. German Shepherd, Collie, Old English Sheepdog, Spitzes)

  • Daily brushing

Short Coat Breeds
(e.g. Corgi, Boxer, Whippet, Dachshund)

  • Daily to weekly brushing

Silky Coat Breeds
(e.g. Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniels, Pekinese)

  • Daily brushing and combing
  • Coat-stripping with bath every 3 months

Curly Coat Breeds
(e.g. Poodles)

  • Brushing every 2 days
  • Clipping with bath every 6-8 weeks

Wire-Haired Coat Breeds
(e.g. Terriers, Schnauzers)

  • Daily Combing
  • Stripping of top coat with bath every 3-4 months
  • Clip every 6-8 weeks

All breeds can be bathed on a weekly or fortnightly basis (dogs with skin problems should follow veterinary instructions on the frequency of bathing).