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How Do I Pet-Proof My Home?

1. What are the most common dangers to pets? For example, sharp corners, certain types of flooring etc.

Depending on the species of the animal, different materials pose different risks.

For dogs - sharp corners, rugs, dangling decorations, pot plants, insecticides, pesticides, etc.

For cats - dangling decorations, strings, rugs with frills, dried flowers (not so much a danger but cats love to bite and chew on them and this might result in vomiting).

For rabbits (which are allowed to roam around at home) - electrical cords, plastic, newspaper (chewing and ingestion of these will cause severe impaction and obstruction to the guts).

For other small exotics - air fresheners and any scents as they are very sensitive to airborne particles, especially insecticidal sprays.


2. What are the most commonly destroyed property and how can I prevent it? For e.g., leather sofas that get scratched, or dog pee on wooden furniture.

For sofa/couches, parquet flooring and glassware decorations - to prevent accidents, shelves used for decorations should be affixed with lids/doors. Trim your pets' nails regularly. Sometimes, you can get them filed.

For cats, buy a scratching pole or get some old cardboard boxes for them to scratch on.

There are also infrared motion detectors that can send ultrasonic sound waves to deter cats and dogs from entering certain areas of the house.


3. What are some harmful substances that pets commonly consume by mistake? For e.g., candles, incense etc.

See Point 1.


4. Should certain household arrangements be made for an incoming pet? For example, removal of electrical wires. Do dogs like to chew on wires?

It would be sensible to hide or remove all exposed wire cables. Any sharp corners of a coffee table should be fixed with a plastic corner cover. Any exposed chemicals should be kept far away from your pets.

Cats love to sit by the window and watch the world go by, so it is wise to keep the windows closed, or affix window grills.

Also, do not place shelves or tables beside windows as it becomes a platform for your animal to access the window easier. Any dangling decorations should also be removed as cats and dogs are very curious animals.


5. Are there other points that pet owners should take note of in order to make their home safe for them and their pets?

Most Singaporean homes are safe for our pets. Be aware of the things that you leave lying around, such as sewing thread, needles, socks, and any form of decoration.

Dogs and cats are really curious. While playing with these things, they can accidentally ingest them and that might cause severe gut obstruction that may require surgery.

It is advisable to keep toilet doors closed if your dog or cat loves to venture in. This is to prevent spillage and ingestion of any chemicals.