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Is It Okay to Keep My Dog Or Cat Chained Up Or In A Cage?

No. This is not an acceptable practice. Chaining or caging up your pet for long periods of time is inhumane; your pet can become restless, agitated, distrustful, physically ill or develop psychological problems.

Caution to pet owners!

An owner tied his dog up using a chain. While he was out, the dog got entangled in it, thereby restricting its movement. When the SPCA, along with the police, responded to the call, the dog was already dead.

A post mortem revealed that the dog had died of heatstroke, unable to seek shade because of the restrictive chain.

Many pet owners tie their dogs up - the number of reports received monthly by SPCA are testament to this. Unfortunately, these ignorant owners do not think of the serious consequences which could occur as a result. 

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