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How Do I Protect My Pets From Household Dangers?

1. Keep your animals away from toxic plants.
2. Do not confine your pets in places where you keep chemical and cleaning products.
3. Make sure you clean up spilled chemicals thoroughly before you let your pets back into the area.
4. Keep sharp utensils and objects like blades, knives and scissors in places your pets cannot reach.
5. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Store chocolate in areas where your dog cannot reach them and never feed your dog anything that contains chocolate.
6. Deter pets from chewing on loose electrical cords by securing the electrical cords and spraying some bitter apple spray or other discouraging scents on the cords.
7. Always be on the look-out for your pets, especially when entering or exiting the house and driveway, to prevent accidents.
8. If you have cats, please try to ensure that you have proper grills or wire mesh on your windows and doors to prevent your cat from falling out.