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How Will I Know if My Pet Is Sick?

1. The animal is inactive/listless.
2. The animal has a poor appetite, reduced appetite or is completely off food.
3. The animal is panting, shivering or trembling (he/she may have fever). 
4. The animal is vomiting, has diarrhea, is sneezing, coughing or wheezing.
5. There is a focus of pain in the animal e.g. abdominal discomfort, back pain.
6. The animal is visiting the toilet frequently or straining to pee or poo.
7. There is eye or nose discharge, or the animal has difficulty breathing.
8. The animal has blood in the urine, faeces or vomit.
9. The animal is having fits, is walking in circles, or tilts its head to one side.
10. The animal has a drastic and pronounced weight loss.

If any of these occur, do not self medicate or wait! Consult your veterinarian.
Early treatment could save your pet's life!