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We Remind Owners to Keep Pets Indoors

In light of the recent alleged mutilation of the two kittens in Chong Pang, we would like to remind all pet owners to keep their pet cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs STRICTLY indoors. We have seen and investigated too many cases where pets are kept in the common corridors of the homes in public AND private housing estates, leaving the pets vulnerable to the weather, theft or abuse by strangers.

Part of being a responsible pet owner, as well as to prevent animal abuse, is keeping your pets STRICTLY indoors for their own safety and being mindful of others

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We Stand Ready to Re-home Community Animals (Strays)

We stand ready to work with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) on re-homing adoptable community animals (strays). The opportunity to give these dogs a second chance presents itself now, and so we call on dog lovers to step forward to help us re-home the dogs. We will be featuring these animals on our facebook and website as and when they come in, so please look out for them. We will sterilise, vaccinate, micro-chip and license adoptable dogs, and adopters will pay for these costs. While sterilisation plays a big part in managing the stray population, we also call on

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Our Stray Sterilisation Programme turns 20

We commenced our sterilisation voucher programme for community animals (strays) in 1991. Since then, over 27,000 vouchers have been distributed to members of the public/volunteer caregivers/animal welfare organisations enabling them to arrange for a stray to be sterilised at a participating veterinary clinic, with us bearing the cost.

We acknowledge and thank the private veterinary clinics (18 currently) who have supported the programme through special rates for us over the years.

We also thank all the kind souls out there for taking ownership and helping to reduce the population of homeless animals in our

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