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We Remind Owners to Use the Leash

In light of the recent unfortunate road accident involving a taxi and a pet dog, we would like to remind owners to keep your dogs safe on a leash whenever you leave the house with them. There are often countless distractions in our surroundings and factors beyond our control, and even the most well-trained dog may fall victim to unexpected accidents. While leashes may not be 100% fail-proof, the use of a leash does prevent accidents such as:

-        Getting involved in road accidents
-        Getting into fights with other animals
-        Getting into unnecessary conflicts with passers-by

We can do our part in making

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Design for Our New Premises Finalised

Our new home in Sungei Tengah will not only be more spacious, but will incorporate many natural and sustainable aspects with respect to its surrounding environment. Humans and animals alike will find it a peaceful and tranquil place where animal welfare is brought to the forefront.

In August 2012, seven architectural firms were invited to submit designs for our new premises. The current lease at Mount Vernon Road will expire in December 2014. Read here for

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Sparrows Trapped On Glue Traps

January 2013 - The SPCA Rescue Team attended to a case of five sparrows stuck on a glue board trap that was meant for rats at an office building on Henderson Rd. Although the trap inconspicuously placed under a fridge, the sparrows somehow got stuck onto the glue board. By the time the rescue team arrived on scene, one of the bird was already dead. While we did all we could to save the remaining four, we were sadly unable to as more than half of their small bodies were covered in glue. The birds had also suffered tremendous stress

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