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Sponsor Mooku
We love to help animals (14 January 2019 - 13 January 2020)

In September 2018, we received a call from a concerned member of public who found a sickly and weak dog wandering around a construction site. Fearing for the dog’s safety in such a dangerous area, our rescue officers went to pick her up and brought her back to our clinic.

‪The dog was given a medical check by our vet team. They realised she has cataracts in both eyes, which affects her eyesight, and is possibly blind in her right eye. She is microchipped but the number was not registered to an owner. We put up a lost-and-found advertisement, but sadly, no one came forward to claim her. We then decided to put her up for adoption, and named her Mooku.

‪Mooku is an eight-year-old gentle giant who loves going on walks, and walks well on a leash. Due to her partial blindness, she requires an owner who will be patient enough to teach and guide her along, especially in a new environment. As such, she is taking a while to find her fur-ever home.

As we try to help Mooku find a loving family to call home, you can help her by sponsoring her! 

Why sponsor a dog at SPCA?

Do you crave for the warmth and affection of owning a dog, but cannot do so due to family/space constraints? If you agree with that statement, then why not explore the option of sponsoring a dog? You can make your sponsored fur kid feel loved, wanted and cared for until they find a forever home of their own. When you choose to become our dog sponsor, you help to defray the costs associated with up-keeping your sponsored dog at our kennel, as well as his/her day-to-day needs.

Your sponsorship will be eligible for 250% tax deduction (e.g. if you sponsor $300 a month for the dog, you will get $750 deducted from your taxable income)

Doggies up for sponsorship

While all the kennels in our adoption are up for sponsorship, this Sponsor-A-Dog scheme is a little different. It is tailored towards our special dogs that are either 1) currently under our Adoption By Appointment (ABA) Scheme, or 2) have been with us for a while.

These dogs, though no fault of theirs, may have been through traumatic events and as such, require more specialized care and training. Thus, the time they spend at our shelter is typically longer than other dogs. So, until your sponsored fur kid finds a loving and suitable forever home, they can find a forever friend in you.

How much does it cost?

It costs approximately $300 per month to sponsor a dog. You can sponsor the animal for a minimum of one month or for as long as the animal is in our care.

In the event that your sponsored dog is adopted, your remaining sponsorship would go to another dog who is equally deserving and in need. 

What will you receive?

You could arrange to meet your sponsored fur kid. However, this requires a prior appointment and the type of interaction will depend on the animal’s personality. Our friendly staff and volunteers will be there to ensure that both you and your fur kid have a safe and enjoyable time. You will also receive more information about your sponsored dog, including regular updates via WhatsApp. Your name will also be acknowledged on the website next to your sponsored dog.