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Sponsor Nick

Nick was a happy family dog for 3 years until he was surrendered to us in May 2016 as his owners were relocating to US and was unable to bring him along. Help Nick out by sponsoring him!

Today, Nick is still the same happy, active dog as before and will benefit from training as he gets nervous around strangers and other dogs. Nick loves food and would beg for treats from his human pals. Before long, Nick will have you twirled around his paw. With that adorable face and happy personality, we can see why.

Sponsor Nick here! 

Why sponsor a dog at SPCA?

Have you always wanted to adopt a dog but is unable to do so? Why not sponsor a dog at the SPCA today! You will be making a difference in your canine friend by taking care of its wellbeing while it’s still in SPCA, waiting for its forever home.

You can make your sponsored fur kid feel loved, wanted and cared for until they find a forever home of their own.

Doggies up for sponsorship

While all the kennels in our adoption are is up for sponsorship, this Sponsor-A-Dog scheme is a little different. It is tailored towards out special dogs that are either 1) currently under out Adoption By Appointment (ABA) Scheme, or 2) have been with us for more than a year.

As the dogs that are chosen for this scheme requires special care and training, with preferably an experienced owner, they would usually take a longer time to find an adopter. So, until your sponsored fur kid finds a loving and suitable forever home, they can find a forever friend in you too.

How much does it cost?

It would cost $300 per month to sponsor a dog and until your sponsored fur kid finds a forever home, or for a minimum of 3 months. However, the SPCA also welcomes the sponsorship in multiples of $100 for a minimum sponsorship period of 3 months via a lump sum. Your sponsorship amount is entitled to 250% tax deductions!

While this may seem a little steep, your donations will go into your sponsored fur kid’s day-to-day needs such as food, toys, medical care and maintenance of its kennel.

Instead of buying a gift for your friends or family, why not spread the love by sponsoring a dog in their name?

Of course, you could arrange to have interaction time with your sponsored fur kid. However, this require prior appointments and the type of interaction will depend on its personality. Our friendly dog mentors and volunteers will be there to ensure that both you and your fur kid have a safe and enjoyable time. You will also receive more information about your sponsored dog, including monthly updates and photos about it. Your name will be placed in front of the dog’s kennel in recognition of your kind sponsorship and support.