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Sponsor Andie

Andie, the handsome boy, once had a loving home but was surrendered to SPCA in February 2016 and has been looking for a new place to call home ever since.

After being surrendered to the SPCA, Andie had problems adjusting to the multiple dog environment here and has grown to be nervous around other dogs. He can be very worried and shy when meeting new people, requiring more time to establish a rapport and trust with you but his fun loving personality will shine through once he gets to know you.

Andie will thrive well in an environment with experienced owners with a quiet lifestyle to help him settle in and grow his confidence.

But until Andie is adopted, you can make a difference by sponsoring him!

Why sponsor a dog at SPCA? 
Do you crave for the warmth and affection of owning a dog, but cannot do so due to family/space constraints? If you agree with that statement, then why not explore the option of sponsoring a dog? You can make your sponsored fur kid feel loved, wanted and cared for until they find a forever home of their own. When you choose to become our dog sponsor, you help to defray the costs associated with up-keeping your sponsored dog at our kennel, as well as his/her day-to-day needs.

Your sponsorship will be eligible for 250% tax deduction (e.g. if you sponsor $100 a month for the dog, you will get $250 deducted from your taxable income)

Doggies up for sponsorship
While all the kennels in our adoption are up for sponsorship, this Sponsor-A-Dog scheme is a little different. It is tailored towards our special dogs that are either 1) currently under out Adoption By Appointment (ABA) Scheme, or 2) have been with us for more than a year.

These dogs, though no fault of them, have been through traumatic events and as such, require more specialized care and training . Thus, their time spent at our shelter are typically longer. Your kind sponsorship will no doubt help them to lead a normal, healthy and happy life in their forever home as quickly as possible. So, until your sponsored fur kid finds a loving and suitable forever home, they can find a forever friend in you too.

How much does it cost?
The costs of becoming a sponsor under this programme is determined by the dog’s individual needs. Factors like the dog’s age, size, health, medical and rehabilitation needs will translate into their levels of care needed, and the subsequent costs thereafter.

It would cost $300 per month to sponsor a dog and until your sponsored fur kid finds a forever home.

There are various options available for sponsorship periods: three months, six months,  nine months and 12 months, or until the dog is successfully adopted .

We also welcome the sponsorship in multiples of $100 for a minimum sponsorship period of 3 months. This will be a great way for you to share the cost of sponsorship with friends and family who shares the same love for animals as you do.  

What will you receive?
Of course, you could arrange to have interaction time with your sponsored fur kid. However, this require prior appointments and the type of interaction will depend on its personality. Our friendly staff,  dog mentors and volunteers will be there to ensure that both you and your fur kid have a safe and enjoyable time. You will also receive more information about your sponsored dog, including monthly updates via whatsapp. Your name will also be acknowledged on the website next to your sponsored dog.