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The main intention of our Foster Care programme is to save the lives of very young animals whose chances of surviving in a kennel environment (without falling sick) are slim. We save more lives when our fosterers help us take care of young animals. Under our TLC ( tender loving care) programme, we require fosters for animals who have health problems (eg. skin issues), in hopes that these animals can be provided with the necessary care and conducive environment to bring them back to full health. Having an individual volunteer to care for the animal in their own home is a much welcomed alternative to euthanasia.  Fostering an animal can be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your family. The rewards are intangible - nothing beats the feeling of saving a life and making a difference.

By helping to foster animals until space becomes available in our shelter and/or the animals are older and better able to cope with kennel life, you are helping us save more lives. The companionship you provide will contribute towards the nurturing of the animal.

**To be a foster parent, you need to be 18 years and above. If you are between 18 and 21 years old, a parent/guardian's consent is required.

Points To Consider

The act of fostering requires a readiness to dedicate your time to giving love and care to an animal in need. We require our fosterers to be with the animal for the most part of the day and preferably to have had experience in looking after young or sick animals.

We also require our fosterers to be prepared to collect the foster animal from our shelter, and bring it back for any check-ups by the vet during the foster period. We will provide some food, a litter tray (for cats), and a carrier for the start of the fostering period. However, we ask that any subsequent food be supplied by the fosterer so we can better allocate our limited resources.

We will provide medication for the animal (if needed) during the fostering period. The fosterer must also remain contactable so that we can get regular updates on the animal's health and well-being.

Our animals are usually cared for in a foster home for a period of one month to three months, depending on the animal's needs and circumstances in the shelter. Fostering an animal is not easy, and it may involve considerable cleaning up as the animals are usually young and may not be toilet-trained. They may also be very playful and may chew on your possessions.

The toughest part of being a fosterer is having to return the animal to our shelter for adoption after you have become emotionally attached to it over the fostering period. However, nothing beats the feeling of saving a life.

Fosterer's Experience

When we received the kitten, we saw that he had hairless patches of skin which looked raw and painful. However, this young kitten did not let his traumatic experience get him down! Being a stray, he was not litter-trained but in a mere two days, he learned where his bathroom was. He had a healthy appetite, and was curious and fearless about investigating a new environment, toys, and even humans! Once when I entered the room he was staying in, I was baffled to see that the floor around his water bowl was wet. I wiped the area up, refilled the water bowl and waited. Not long after, I saw him approach the water bowl, but instead of drinking, he put his paw against the bowl and started pushing it so the water splashed around. He was delighted to see the tiny waves in the bowl!

My advice for those who want to be fosterers: It is important to learn the basics of pet care – from feeding to cleaning, playing with them, and keeping them safe. Fostering is not just about loving animals, it is also about saving lives.

- Pearl

Foster Care Application

If you wish to become one of our fosterers, please print and complete our SPCA Foster Care Application Form.

Applicants will be notified via email with regards to the outcome of the application.