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Rehoming Notice Form

Please fill in as much of the form as you are able and submit it along with up to four digital photographs.
(*) are mandatory.

Please note: The SPCA will not be responsible for any other administration of the notice apart from posting it on our website. Each notice will be displayed for a period of one month from the date of posting. After which, it will be taken down unless we are instructed otherwise. We reserve the right to decline or remove postings deemed inappropriate.

Other rehoming options are:
·Ask friends and relatives if they can help
·Put up an ad in the classified section of various newspapers
·Put up notices on bulletin boards at supermarkets and veterinary clinics.
·Post information and photos of the animal online on sites such as Pets Channel and Facebook pages.

Pet's Information
Type of animal: *
Name of animal:
Gender: *
Breed: * (If unknown, please indicate)
Age * (approx): yrs mths
Training: Yes No If yes, what sort(s) of training?
Microchip: * Yes No If yes, where at: *
Sterilised : * Yes No
Medical history: *
Personality: *
Reason for giving up /
Other information: *
Photo(1): * (File size should not exceed 500KB)
Photo(2): (File size should not exceed 500KB)
Photo(3): (File size should not exceed 500KB)
Photo(4): (File size should not exceed 500KB)
*Good photographs significantly increase the chances of an animal being adopted
*For multiple animals, please submit a photograph with all the animals together
Contact Information
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Contact Number : *
Email Address : *
Verification Code
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By submitting this form, I agree to SPCA publishing my personal data in SPCA’s Rehoming Notice Board Webpage to facilitate the search of potential adopter for my pet.

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