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Say NO to the Use of Electric Collars

In our view, the use of electric collars on dogs is cruel. In the wrong hands, it is also open to misuse. We do not condone the use of such devices or any others that inflict negative reinforcement.

The Electric Collar, or e-collar, gives an electric shock to the dog whenever it demonstrates unacceptable behaviour. Each time a shock is delivered, it can also cause unnecessary pain, stress and suffering to the dog. The use of electric collars is merely a `quick fix' approach to controlling a dog's behaviour. This form of training is no substitute for training based on understanding and love, coupled with the establishment of a rewarding and trusting relationship.

Australia banned the importation of electric collars and such devices, and anyone found using them can be prosecuted. In 1999, we supported the Singapore Kennel Club's proposal to the government calling for a ban of these collars. Unfortunately, the appeal was without success. The Primary Production Department (now called the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority), although not banning the use of the collars at that time, said that it would not hesitate to take action against any person found to be using an electric collar cruelly and in an abusive manner with malicious intent.

Please Note: We advise all dog owners not to engage the services of any dog trainer who uses electric dog collars. Anyone who has witnessed misuse of this device is advised to contact us at 6287 5355 to lodge a complaint of cruelty.