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Poor Conditions in Pet Shops

In 2014, we received 17 complaints against pet shops and pet farms. Issues raised included overcrowding (especially with small mammals like hamsters / guinea pigs / rabbits / chinchillas) and dogs and puppies housed in enclosures or display areas that were too small.

These reports were referred to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) - which regulates and licenses pet shops and pet farms - for follow-up actions.

Water bottles continue to be used for dogs, something which we find unacceptable. Dogs need a ready supply of water to lap from. Members of the public are encouraged to speak out against this practice by writing in to the AVA’s Centre for Animal Welfare and Control at

Other problems existing in pet shops/pet farms that have been highlighted to us are:

  • Puppies resting on uncomfortable flooring (no proper covering other than mesh/wire)
  • Grids/netting on floor that are too big, especially for small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Shops not cleaning cages promptly

If you see unsatisfactory conditions in a pet shop or a pet farm, please call 62875355 and voice your concerns.

It would be helpful too if you could take pictures, but please do this discreetly. You can send the pictures together with your contact details to

As we have no enforcement powers, cases which require action are referred to the AVA. We will require permission from you to pass on your details on referral.

For urgent cases (where an animal is observed to be in need of immediate veterinary treatment), please call 62875355 ext 9 to lodge a report immediately.

Below are some examples of conditions of pet shops in Singapore:


A puppy on display for sale in grill based cage. There is no mat for puppy to lie and rest on.


Dog kept in grill-bottomed cage


Bird with eye problem  


Hamsters kept in cramped conditions in a pet shop which was only licensed to sell fish