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Dressing Up Your Pets

It is always best to avoid any activity that may cause our pets harm, especially if it provides no benefits to the animal. Clothing can be very uncomfortable and can actually cause stress to an animal. Moreover, in our hot and humid weather, unnecessary clothing may cause an animal to overheat quite quickly. Animals use many parts of their body to communicate with us and other animals. Clothing interferes with this mode of communication and can again, cause undue stress.

It is important to observe your pet for signs of stress, and immediately remove all clothing and accessories if your pet shows any signs of discomfort.

These are some signs pet owners can look out for:

  • the animal’s behaviour changes when the accessory is put on
  • signs of nervousness such as licking of lips or exaggerated yawning
  • the animal becomes inactive, quiet, or tries to hide
  • the animal is scratching or biting the accessory and attempting to remove it

There are specific cases where clothing benefits the animal, for example when applying medication for the skin or when an animal needs help keeping warm. Whenever in doubt, pet owners should seek the advice of their veterinarians to check what is best for their pet.