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Rabbit Bag Chain Fur
Fur is for Animals

Rabbit bag chains (as pictured) have been gaining popularity in Singapore. Some members of public have expressed their concern to us that these products are made of real rabbit fur. We investigated and found that the products are sold in numerous shops and that some sellers claim the fur is real while others have said that its not. We have conducted our own in house tests on the fur and it unfortunately appears that the fur is real.

Fur is often obtained with much animal suffering and in Singapore, there is simply no excuse to wear fur, even as an accessory. Exercise your right as a consumer to refuse this symbol of excessive cruelty.

Visit this site to find out more about the fur trade -

Click on the link for a basic guide on how to tell the difference between real and fake fur.

Please help the animals suffering in this industry by sharing this post and encouraging your friends and family to say 'No' to wearing fur.