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Don't Leave your Pets in the Haze

Make sure to keep your pets indoors as much as possible, and if your rabbits / small pets typically are kept at the balcony, bring them in as the smaller animals are at greater risk of smoke inhalation, due to their smaller lung capacities.

Adjust your pet dog's exercise levels accordingly. Play with your dogs indoors, using games that stimulate their minds (e.g. hide-and-seek, pet-food puzzle toys, learning a trick) so they can work off their energy without undergoing over-exposure to the haze outdoors. Do not take your dogs out for walks, if the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading crosses the 200 mark.

Turn on the air-conditioner or fan and replace the water in the water bowls more frequently to provide a more conducive home environment for your pets.

Look out for any signs of breathing difficulty, teary eyes and/or nasal discharge, and take your pet(s) to the vet immediately!

Whilst certain pet owners might look to better protect their pets by having them wear makeshift masks, our vets advise strongly against doing so. In fact, it would be dangerous for the pets with the masks obscuring their mouths, not allowing them to dispel heat which might, in turn, lead to heatstroke.

Whilst we take extra precaution to protect ourselves from the haze, do remember our animal friends’ well-being too!