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Display of Live Goats
Display of Live Goats

With the Year of the Goat in 2015, venues have been getting live goats to appear at their Chinese New Year events to add to the festive atmosphere.

Animal Welfare Groups have urged organisations not to exhibit the animals, saying it will cause stress to them.

The SPCA does not subscribe to the idea of farm animals - like live goats - being transported in the heat, and brought to crowded or noisy places for the purpose of display and close public interaction. This, understandably, would be quite stressful for the goats.

In addition, there is also a public safety concern to consider as well. Goats can retaliate if they do not wish to be pet. If display and interaction with the animals are approved of by authorities, there should be an area where the goats can retreat to if they have had enough interaction.

We hope that members of the public can put the welfare of the goats first. The Year of the Goat can best be celebrated by upholding the goats' welfare.