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Tolerance Towards Community Animals

Our community animals are a large part of our environment. To many of these animals, the only homes that they know are the streets that they live on.

These animals have no place to go as we have pushed them out because of the changes to our city structure. We and the other animal welfare groups have tried our best to rehome them. However,  we have space and resource constraints as well.

We believe that tolerance and empathy is needed in accepting the community animals, many of whom ultimately, are victims of circumstance.  Whilst we does not round up healthy community animals, we do go to the aid of ill, injured and/or distressed ones and urge the public to call our 24-hour emergency hotline to report any instance of animal distress.

 It is important to practice tolerance and respect to all living things especially those who we share our community with.

SPCA's position on tolerance towards community animals, please read our letter here

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