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Kampung Fishing

It is important to educate the younger generation with the right values. We have received feedback from parents that the fish used in these kampung settings for children to fish often get killed or injured as children wade in the pool and step on them. Some of these fish also die from trauma due to the children's lack of knowledge in handling. The small nets and plastic pails used during this activity exposes these delicate creatures to an extreme amount of stress.

These fish become pets acquired on impulse in an atmosphere of excitement, without any consideration for the animals’ care once the children leave the kampung. Often, such settings allow children to take the fish home in plastic bags or ill-equipped plastic containers that are not suitable for sustaining the fish's life. Because these animals are not well taken care of, they usually die shortly after, either on the way home or very soon after they're brought home.

Participating in such activities gives our children the impression that living things can be regarded as play things used for amusement. Contrary to what such settings may claim to instill in children, this does not teach our future generations to respect life.

Instead of trying to educate our children through this cruel sport, we can take our child on trips to visit local animal shelters, nature reserves (e.g. Sungei Buloh, Bukit Timah, etc.) or pond habitats to observe animals in their undisturbed natural environment. Teachers can also invite local animal welfare groups to their schools to give talks or workshops for the children; some of these local animal welfare groups (e.g. the SPCA or ACRES) have existing education programmes, and can sometimes bring along an animal for a short interaction session with the students.

Help us stop this hidden form of animal cruelty. There are many other ways to teach your child how to love the environment and respect life.