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Underwater World Sentosa Dolphin Lagoon

Latest News: As of 4 November 2014, it has been updated that the Pink Dolphin at UWS is living in terrible living conditions. Find out more on this story here.

On the 27 October 2014, a Pink Dolphin at underwater world has non-contagious skin cancer. Find out more on the story here

In March 2012, we visited the Dolphin Lagoon at Sentosa’s Underwater World. The dolphins are still housed in quarters that are way too small, as was the case during our previous visit in 2010. It is regrettable that no improvement has been made to their living conditions. We strongly discourage the public from attending these shows which make a mockery out of these animals’ natural behaviour and lifestyle. The Fur Seals had to juggle rings on their noses and walk on their front legs. The dolphins had to rotate their bodies in the water on cue (whilst music played). As part of the regular routine, the seals and dolphins have to pose for photos with members of the public. In our opinion, the show at the Dolphin Lagoon is similar to that of a circus, and adds no value to the animals’ quality of life or the education of the public. Instead, it fails to foster a respect for animals. There is also the issue of allowing people to touch these animals, which could result in the transmission of diseases (from animal to human or vice versa), e.g. bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

We wrote to the Underwater World to voice our objections. The reply from them, however, did not address our concerns. Providing “excellent husbandry and veterinary care” of the marine mammals and a “unique facility for educating the public on the need for dolphin conservation” fails to address the issues of these animals being confined in inadequate enclosures and being made to perform unnatural acts solely for amusement purposes.


In June 2010, our Inspectors visited the Dolphin Lagoon at Sentosa’s Underwater World. The dolphins had been relocated to concrete pools that are far too small. We wrote to the Underwater World management, voicing our concerns on the space issue and reiterating our stand against performing animals. The Underwater World replied that the new facility meets with international guidelines and safety standards.


The Straits Times featured an article (10 September 2010) reporting on our visit. Read it here.

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