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Chanel The Courageous Cat

In October 2018, SPCA received a call about a badly injured cat found along Upper Jurong Road. The kind caller waited for our animal rescue officer to arrive to ensure the cat’s safety. Upon arrival, our officer saw that the cat was still alert but had one eye seemingly out of its socket with blood stains around the eye area. The cat was brought back to our clinic for a medical check. She was named Chanel as she kept her classic charm despite her medical condition.

The vet diagnosed Chanel with glaucoma and prescribed some medication to treat her condition. However, the medication was not effective and an eye enucleation surgery was immediately arranged. Under the care of the vet team and shelter staff, she recovered fast after surgery and was soon up and jumping around even with only one eye. She was transferred to the adoption shelter and to the delight of us all, found her fur-ever home soon after.

Many may not know that our team at the clinic do their best to save every animal which comes through our doors, and we are thankful that they always give their all into saving as many lives as possible. All day, every day.

Remembering Galaxy, Our Shining Star

We are sad and heartbroken to share that, Galaxy, who was featured in our viral #WhatTheFluff campaign video, passed away on 18 October 2018 due to health complications.

Galaxy was abandoned under a tree outside SPCA earlier this year. We took him in and after undergoing several medical checks, he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He was prescribed medication to clear an infection, and his diet was adjusted to prevent deterioration of his kidneys. With love and care from our staff, his condition significantly improved, despite being a senior dog with long-term health issues.

There was a foster arrangement made for him but unfortunately, it was not successful due to his medical condition. We took him back and continued to care for him. Recently, our staff members noticed that he had suddenly stopped eating and seemed weak. He was brought in to our clinic on Thursday morning for emergency treatment but passed away later in the afternoon. He was in the company of staff members who had loved and cared for him during his stay at SPCA.

SPCA Participates In Dog Trapping Training

There will soon be a nationwide dog sterilisation programme launched to help Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) the street dog population in Singapore. Last month, Indonesian officials who have experience in conducting mass vaccinations of stray dogs in Bali, conducted training at our SPCA premises for local staff and volunteers who are involved in animal welfare work, to educate them on humane capturing and handling of dogs.

Our team looks forward to utilising the knowledge and skills acquired for the commencement of this AVA-funded programme, in a bid to save lives through humane population management.

Click here to read the article.

A Soft Spot For Tofu

In May 2018, SPCA received a call from a kind member of public who found a small white dog bleeding from an open wound, where the tail was supposed to be. The wound was also rotting badly.

The dog, later named Tofu, was then brought to SPCA where he underwent medical treatment. Even though he was in a lot of pain, he was always friendly and loving towards our staff. One of SPCA’s staff fostered him while he was recuperating from surgery. Tofu was fostered for three months while his wound was healing. He was eventually adopted by a family who instantly fell in love with his good-natured personality.

To see how Tofu is doing, head over to our Happy Endings page.

Ball Pit At SPCA

In October 2017, some of our animals attended an interactive art exhibition.

We are grateful to Silversky Pte Ltd and Wellness Pet Food for donating an art installation from the exhibition, to enrich the lives of the animals at SPCA.

Here's a clip of the arrival of the art piece, as well as some of our puppies taking their first dip in it.

Meet Yun Rong, Vet Assistant At SPCA

Find out more about what Yun Rong, our vet assistant, does at work, the challenges she faces as well as highlights of her job.

Lucius, SPCA's Longest Staying Feline Resident

We are delighted to update everyone that Lucius, our longest staying feline resident was adopted on Sunday, 26 March 2017.

Lucius was initially adopted in February 2012 but was returned to the SPCA in November 2013 at the age of 7.5 years old, as the owner was worried that Lucius might be jealous of their new baby and might scratch it.

After spending four years at the SPCA, moving with us from Mount Vernon to our new premises at Sungei Tengah, Lucius finally caught the eyes and hearts of Stephanie and her husband, Cian, who took great care in preparing Lucius’s home coming.

We thank Stephanie and Cian for seeing the beauty in Lucius, despite him being a senior cat. Adopting a mature animal has many advantages compared to their younger counterparts, yet many people overlook older ones, in favour of younger animals.

A senior pet holds no surprises as to how big it might get or what colour its adult coat will be. A senior animal also comes with its own history and personality, which makes its future much more predictable than that of a young animal.

They are also emotionally mature and more mellow than younger animals, and although they require exercise like any other pets, it does not need to be as frequent or vigorous.

First Adoption For 2017

We are proud to announce that Kaiser has been adopted on the morning of 1 January 2017.

Eight year old Kaiser is a Singapura Special, that was found in the Farrer Park vicinity in 2014, wearing a black collar and leash. Despite attempts to reunite him with his owners, no one came forward to claim him.

Easy-going Kaiser has since been with us and we thank Tracy and her family for making a few trips down to SPCA to interact with him, prior to adopting this handsome boy.

We believe that our animals and individuals must be comfortable with each other and have a connection and sometimes, finding the perfect pet companion may take more than one visit, to find the animal that is suited for you and your family.

We wish Kaiser and his new family a positive start to 2017.

Zephy, The Tripod Cat

In early August this year, SPCA was informed by a concerned member of the public that a cat had been injured in a fall at Marsiling Road.

Our Animal Rescue Officer soon brought the injured kitty back to SPCA. As she was wearing a brown collar with a gold bell, we tried our best to trace her owner by advertising in the press, and on our lost and found webpage. Unfortunately, no one came forward.

SPCA's consultant veterinarian, Dr Tanja, carried out surgery on Zephy’s injured leg, which involved amputation of her left hind limb.

After her recovery, we put little Zephy up for adoption, and today, Zephy is doing great with her new family. We are very happy that Zephy has been adopted by a wonderful family. :)


Kitten Rescued From Ledge

On 3 October 2016, we received a call from a concerned member of the public, notifying us of a kitten that was on a ledge of a unit opposite his block at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.

When our Animal Rescue Officer arrived at the block, there were already two officers from Ang Mo Kio North neighbourhood police centre there. Our Animal Rescue Officer proceeded to the unit on the 12th storey, while the police officers remained on the ground floor, with an opened blanket, to assist with the rescue mission. Our Animal Rescue Officer swiftly brought the kitten to safety. The kitten was then reunited with the owner.

The owner was advised by our Animal Rescue Officer, to mesh up the windows and gate, to prevent the kitten from slipping out of the unit and/or falling out of the windows. Cats are curious animals and they risk falling out of an open window by simple acts such as chasing a bird that was flying past.


Ida, SPCA's Longest Resident

Our longest staying resident, Ida, was adopted on Saturday, 6 February 2016. Ida, a Singapura Special who had been with us since February 2008, has indeed come a long way since her humble beginnings as a neglected and abandoned puppy that was tied to a fence along Lorong Ah Soo. We thank Ida’s new family for choosing to adopt, and not to buy.

Pumpkin, The Once Abused Puppy

On 30 October 2015, we received a video (…/shocking-video-shows-gu…) which depicted a man swinging his dog, by its collar and leash. With the assistance of the police, the dog was removed from the man’s premise and brought back to SPCA. The dog was checked by our vet and did not appear to suffer any physical injuries. The case is still undergoing investigation. We are thrilled to announce that Pumpkin, the dog who had been abused, has been adopted by Ms Gourie and we wish her many happy years with her new family. - November 2015

Felix, The Once Neglected Chihuahua

Felix was a Chihuahua who was brought into the SPCA after having been seriously neglected. His skin was in a terrible condition and was being treated for some time by the vets from the SPCA. After having been moved to a foster home to recover, Felix is back on his feet and his skin condition has improved drastically. A dedicated fosterer, Ms Simone, kindly offered to help care for Felix as they embarked on a foster journey together. Simone gave Felix a warm and nurturing home environment to prepare him for his adoptive home. In her care, Felix’s skin condition improved tremendously. Following slightly over a month of foster care, he was reviewed by our veterinarians to have recovered and  doing well and has since found a home - September 2015 

Batfleck, The Glue Board Survivor

On 11 April, we rescued a kitten found trapped on a glue board in Gul Circle. Our Shelter Supervisors and Animal Care Officers brought her back to the SPCA and managed to remove the glue from the kitten by applying a mixture of vegetable oil and shampoo onto its body, everyday for a fortnight. SPCA also wrote to the relevant pest controller agency that had installed the glue board and they were advised to use alternative pest control methods. SPCA has always been against the use of glue board traps as it causes unnecessary suffering to the animals which get trapped on them. To find out about more humane methods of trapping and SPCA’s position is on glue traps, see

The local black and white kitten we named Batfleck, was only a month old and too young to be put up for adoption. It was fostered for about two months by Ms Chua Su Yin who opened her home to Batfleck and gave it a warm and nurturing environment to grow up in. It was fostered for close to two months, after which it was put up for adoption in June 2015 where Mervyn Chan, and his family then decided to adopt it. Our thanks to Su Yin’s family and the Chans for giving Batfleck, renamed Zorro, newfound bliss and meaning and for making this happy ending possible! - June 2015

KONG Cares Singapore Donates To SPCA

KONG Cares Singapore paid our shelter a visit on 23 May to donate KONG interactive toys to our shelter dogs. Our cats were not forgotten either and were also provided with a thoughtful donation of cat toys too. Our sincerest thanks for the much-loved Kong interactive toys, and for going above and beyond for adding cat toys and herbal shampoos. Our shelter animals are looking forward to putting them to good use. Looks like our shelter dog Kaiser has got a head start on the fun already! - May 2015

Pedro The Speedy Wonder!

Pedro, our senior Chihuahua, was found, allegedly abandoned at Toh Crescent on 9 March. Despite his hind limbs being congenitally deformed, his zeal for life has not wobbled one bit. This affable charmer is energetic and affectionate and has slowly inched his way into our hearts to become a sensation at the SPCA. His newfound popularity has also garnered him a sponsor for  a custom-built set  of wheelies  which were assembled and donated by Michael, Colleen and friends . Pedro now has a new rev in his step!
We join Pedro in thanking all the sponsors for taking him faster and further into his forever home! - May 2015

Merry Christmas Feeding

On the 23 December, SPCA treated our dogs to some wonderful dog friendly meatloaf from The Barkery. Our sincerest thanks go out to all our volunteers who joined us including Karen Pong and to Samantha Ooi for recording the proceedings. Featured in the photo here is Brandon, one of our cross-breed puppies, who's still looking for a loving home! - December 2014

Jet, Jets Off To A New Home

Jet, renamed Nutrino, our three legged Mixed Breed lands a forever home on 30 August. Two-year-old Jet had sadly been without a leg when we first took him in but that has not dampened his energy. He has touched us all at the shelter and charmed his way into the hearts and home of Richard and Tania. Well done Jet! - August 2014

Meet Our Fostered Squirrels, Tic, Tac And Toe
This triplet of squirrels (two males and one female) is presently being fostered by one of our staff members, Mr Kumar. Tic, Tac and Toe were spotted fidgetting within a nest which was found at a pavement along Alexandra Road. The nest was brought to our premises by two members of the public. We thank Ms Wooi, her son and Mr Kumar for helping the squirrels, and look forward to their eventual release into a safe environment closer to their natural habitats! - May 2014
Meet Muthu

Meet our resident monitor lizard affectionately known as Muthu. He comes and goes as he pleases and is well loved by the staff and volunteers. Did you know monitor lizards are shy and will not attack humans unless provoked or cornered. We think they are awesome creatures! - May 2014




Linda And Her Babes

1.5-year-old Linda is the proud mommy of five gorgeous looking 3-month-old babies - Ben, Jerry, Pinta, Bob and Betty. Linda used to live in a dingy corner of a student hostel and was found by cat lovers who thought to get her sterilised. They soon found out that she was nursing, and returned frequently to feed her so she had enough to feed her babies while they were still relying on mommy's  milk. Her babies are now weaned and the family of six are in our shelter, ready for a second chance. They're done living on the streets and want a home they can call their own. - April 2014

Royal Princess

This 2-year-old girl is all sorts of wonderful. We found Princess limping around Choa Chu Kang with a bad maggot wound in her right hind leg. Her leg bone was exposed and the injury was extensive. We sent her for surgery and unfortunately, the vets had to remove her right hind leg. This strong girl recovered well. She's playful, active, adorable and simply lovely. She has since found a forever home. - April 2014

Sticky Situation

Sticky was abandoned at a void deck and came to us in bad shape. She may not be a puppy at 10 years of age, but this girl made up for it with her awesome and darling personality. She had a weak lower jaw that resulted in her not being able to hold her tongue in. Fortunately she was able to find an owner who was willing to look beyond all that to give her the wonderful home she deserves. We will miss you Sticky. You brightened all our lives when you were here. - March 2014

Smooch the Survivor

We received an emergency call and our Junior Inspector arrived on the scene to find a kitten stuck on a glue board trap. He rushed the kitten back to our shelter and our Animal Care Officers immediately began the taxing task of freeing the kitten. A fair bit of manoeuvring and a lot of vegetable oil later, we managed to get the kitten off the glue board and successfully removed the excess glue on her body. Stunned but safe, the 3-week old baby lapped up her food and took a much needed rest after her ordeal. She has since found a wonderful home. - January 2014

Sisi and Coco

Sisi and Coco are lovely two-month-old kittens whom we found on St John Island during our trap, sterilisation and release operation conducted in October. These two babies were in a corner on the island, looking a little malnourished. If given some tender loving care and attention, these two would be a hit with visitors to our shelter. Confident of finding them good homes, we brought them back with us to Singapore. Our lovely foster-parent stepped forward and offered her home as temporary shelter. The kittens thrived under her dedicated care and have since found a loving home! - October 2013

A Stroke Of Serendipity

Some things are meant to be. This statement proved itself true in our shelter, and couldn't have happened to anyone better. Dean was riding his mountain bike with a group of friends when a lost poodle came running through the fields. The dog ran right up to him. Although he suffered from a fracture to his hind leg, and was likely to be a victim of irresponsible pet ownership, the dog was still happy and trusting. Dean notified us about the dog and brought the dog to us in hopes of finding his owner. While the dog was temporarily placed in our shelter, Dean even designed his own poster to help trace the dog's owner. The owner never showed up and Dean returned to our shelter to claim the little poodle. He even offered to take the dog to a vet to fix his fractured hind leg, and make sure the dog gets a good home with lots of undivided attention. - April 2013

Gorgeous Gina

Poor Gina was abandoned while she was still in the midst of labour. Her baby did not survive, and Mom came to us in a bad state. We gave her a good shave to get rid of the matted fur, and now she's ready for a second chance at life. This great girl found a much better home that she totally deserves! - March 2013

Our B-babies

Bambi, Bertha, Bradley, Brandon, Benny and Benji (Benji and Brandon pictured here). These six brothers and sisters were found in a power grid. Unable to fend for themselves, the poor little things were starving and whining. Our officers, with the help of a few security personnel at the premise, were able to get the six puppies out before harm befell them. Happy, tumbling and playful, these six little packets of joy are some of the most fun to watch. Bradley has since been adopted by a loving family. His siblings are still waiting for good homes! - March 2013

Saving Yolk

Gorgeous Yolk had a blonde moment and somehow got herself wedged into the engine compartment of a car! She was rescued by the driver and passed on to us for treatment. We patched her up (literally) and though she had some battle scars, those faded in no time. She recovered her extremely loving nature and has since been adopted by a cat-loving household - February 2013

Splash Me Happy

Back in October, when the days were particularly scorching, we posted a request on our Facebook page for a paddling pool for our dogs to cool off in. Boy did our supporters come through. We got not one, but two excellent inflatable pools! Now that the days are cooler, they don’t get as much use, but whenever it gets too hot, the paddling pools bring so much joy and comfort to our doggies. They absolutely love playing in it together, having fun while cooling down at the same time. We’re extremely grateful to those who donated the pools. Thank you for thinking of the animals! - October 2012

Roger That!

One-year-old Roger had some hard knocks in life. He came to us with a bad eye injury. We've since treated it, and this cross-Persian is as good as new! He's your typical playful young cat who also enjoys a good snooze. He has since been adopted - August 2012

A Lovely Trio

Xiao Bao, Duchess and Princess's mommy was involved in a fatal accident. Hungry and scared, the trio went into hiding. Their plea for help and howling was heard by a kind feeder in the area and SPCA was notified. The highly affectionate and attention seeking trio are now at the SPCA for adoption after being under the care of a few kind fosterers - April 2012




Mojo & JoJo

The SPCA staff found these two gorgeous cats left in a carrier just outside SPCA premises at 7.45am. We are appealing to anyone who has information on these two cats and their owner to come forward.

Under Section 42 (f) Part IV Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Animals & Birds Act), any person who “being the owner of any animal, abandons the animal without reasonable cause or excuse, whether permanently or not, in circumstances likely to cause the animal any unnecessary suffering or distress, or causes or permits the animal to be so abandoned” shall be guilty of an offence and liable for conviction to a fine of up to $10,0000 or to imprisonment for up to 12 months or both - December 2011


Tango, a 3 year-old Jack Russell Terrier, was found wandering aimlessly in the vicinity of Blk 842G Tampines St 82. With the help of some concerned residents, the SPCA Inspectors managed to confine the skittish fella and brought him back for a check by our vet. He was found to have a severe skin condition and was very shy and wary of strangers.

Then, he got adopted by the Tans! Now, he has a brand new home (still with the Tans, of course). We love a happy ending!

We suspect Tango to be yet another victim of abandonment, and are appealing for witnesses or information leading to the location of his owner - June 2011

Cassie and family, reunited

We were pleased to reunite missing dog Cassie with her owners, Yihui and family! Cassie is a 13 year old, white and brown female Shih Tzu who went missing along Simon Road. We just could not tell who shed more tears of joy upon reunion, Yihui or Cassie, the doggie. We are delighted that Cassie has found her way back to Yihui safe and sound.

Happy Reunions

We reunited two owners and their dogs on the same day! One was a cocker spaniel and the other was a cross terrier. Fortunately for the owners, they remembered to have their dogs microchipped and registered with the authorities. The importance of making sure your animal is microchipped will aid both you and us if you ever lose your pet. We are extremely delighted that these two owners managed to get their doggies back safe and sound!

Flash - Reunited after 4 long years

Flash, a nine year old Jack Russell, was reunited with her original owner after a whopping FOUR years, thanks to a kind soul who alerted us about Flash. Her owner, a very surprised Mr Lim, told us that Flash had been accidentally locked out of the house while staying with his mother, then in Hougang. A search with flyers and on Facebook was fruitless, and he had just about given up hope.

Then, Flash was surrendered to us by a lady who found her in the Pasir Ris area. We were able to locate Flash’s original owner by scanning her registered microchip and tracing the record with the private company Petcall.

Mr Lim tells us that Flash is adapting well to her old lifestyle, and still remembers her family members, her tricks and even her toilet training! He has since bought her the same bed she used to have to help her settle in. No one knows where Flash went all these years, but she appears to be in good health. Mr Lim thinks that Flash may have been found and kept by someone who had found her all those years ago because of her good temperament. No one else (besides Mr Lim) has come forward to claim Flash.

We encourage all pet owners to microchip and register their pets in case they go missing. Dogs should be licensed with the AVA.