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Pet Care Tips

Every pet has some specialized care and needs. Even common small pets may require more care than thought. Here's some basic information and tips on pet care to get you started.

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Foster Care

The Foster Care Programme places into temporary care those animals who are unsuitable to be housed in a shelter environment. Keen to be a foster parent? 

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Education Programme

At the heart of SPCA's mission is animal welfare education which is designed to promote the humane and compassionate care of animals. Participate in our education program today!

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Opening hours for Vesak Day

Happy Vesak Day! While you celebrate the short holiday with your family and friends, spare a thought for our animal friends. Our shelter remains open on public holidays and our
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Educators: Take Part In Our Education Programmes This 2015

Our education programme serves to impart the individual with the right attitude in treating and caring for animals. Participants not only learn to appreciate and respect animals, they might
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Gender: Male
Breed: Cross Lionhead
Colour: Grey
Age: 3 yrs
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Gender: Female
Breed: Local Rabbit
Colour: White
Age: 2 yrs
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A little over a year ago – May 16, 2013 – to be exact, I blogged about fostering a  month-old kitten which I had named “Nudge”. For a month-and-a-half, I was the anxious foster parent making sure Nudge would be healthy enough for her eventual adoption. After the month was up, and knowing that I’d have a heartache if I returned her to SPCA, I formally adopted her.

One year on, Nudge is now the ‘diva’, and a full fledged member of my crazy family of a male cat and dog, and lots of fur, feeding schedules to keep, extra grooming and more money spent on dog and cat food.

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